Tuesday, November 19, 2019

questions need answers and a rant

I have several things I need some information on and thought I would ask those of you reading this for any answers you might have.

Question #1
 I ran into a spice mix a week or so ago in an article I read, it sounded interesting and I thought I would give it a try. It is  a blend of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Cumin and black pepper, called Garam Masala
It is very good on sauted carrots, and I added it to muffins tonight.

My question....  what other ways can this be used?  if you use it, how?

Question #2
One of the quick/easy desserts for our family is a recipe called 
Norwegian Apple Pie

I got this recipe from my mother-in-law between 40 - 50 yrs ago. (wow, writing that seems like such a long time, yet living is doesn't seem that long).   Anyway, I think she got it from 1 of 2 publications that she read either Capper's Weekly or Prevention
The recipe I have gives only the amounts of ingredients, there is no method and I was wondering if anyone else makes this. 

As you can see this has been well used. 

It makes a really nice crusty top and a custardy inside with no pastry crust.  

If anyone recognizes this recipe I would appreciate any info you have for me. 

Question #3
This one is a computer question
Several days ago I downloaded a rather large file labeled Lace_for_manual_sock_machines.
I don't recall the MB but it was large.  I have a 2019 HP Chromebook X2. for the next couple of days, I was constantly getting a notification that it was syncing the file. 
It got to the point that I deleted the file hopeing it would stop trying to sync.
It still wanted to sync and was constantly giving me that notification 

I tried shutting down and leaving it over night and all the next day before powering up again and I am still getting this notification.  
when files are deleted on this machine they are deleted permanently so it isn't trying to sync the file in the recycle bin. 
If anyone has any help to get it to stop trying to sync I would appreciate it. 

Questions are done.

on one of my previous posts I took a photo at dusk of the wind break canvas that I had put up on my chicken pen.  I thought I would take a couple better photos and show you what I was talking about. 

The chickens have been enjoying being outside even in the chilly weather as long as they are out of the wind.  Their nice fluffy down coats hold body heat well, as long as the wind isn't blowing up their fluffybuts

Now a rant
The government helps farmers cover the costs of complying with their regulations.  When you are able to sign up some land for the program Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), they require you to seed the land with a perrenial cover crop - grasses or others.  Once you turn in your paperwork, they will repay some of  your expenses to plant the seed.  In other years we have gotten our reimbusements within a month, 2 at the most. 

This year we were able to sign up some land along the sides of a creek to help stop erosion.  We were able to get the parcel planted to the required seed mix this past spring.  And had the paperwork returned for the reimbursement by June of this year.  We waited several weeks, then started calling every month or so to see how their paperwork to release the money was getting done.  We were told every time that the paperwork was backlogged, or that the person working on it was behind, or the person was new......  well, this morning we were told that the system has been shut down in Washington and has been for over 2 weeks and they don't know when it will be opened.  

Due to the China trade tarrif wars, grain markets have been down, and because of the crazy cool, wet weather, harvest has not yet been finished.  

We have bills to pay, with less income available, and the reimbusement payment would help. 

I contacted both state senators and our representative by email, but have not yet received a reply.
Will have to wait some more I guess.


  1. OMG! I had typed a long response and then did not change the comment as field and it wiped the whole thing out when I didn't want to log in.
    Garam Masala - I couldn't find it once when I needed it for a recipe, I had to substitute. I don't recall what the recipe was or how it turned out. I believe garam Masala I often used in Indian dishes.
    Norwegian Apple Pie - I had forgotten all about that! It might be a good one for Thanksgiving.
    You are right, 40-50 years does sound like a long time, but since I am now in that range, it couldn't be.
    Chromebook - you got me stumped. I wonder if it needs to be uninstalled not just deleted. You could try a reinstall then uninstall.
    Chickens - I wouldn't want wind up my butt either.
    Rant - that stinks. I would think someone could have been honest with you some time this ago.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to re-type your comment. I appreciate it

  2. Garam Masala is a staple spice mix in every North Indian kitchen (the ingredients/proprtions vary slightly down south or even among brands/homes). It has a warm essence - ideal for winters. Usually sprinkled over curries (dry &/or gravied, veg/nonveg) just before removing pan from burner. Also used in pilavs (rice), etc.
    I also dry roast this along with cummin powder and dry coriander powder, and add to whole chickpeas while it is cooking. Gives it a dark colour, and a slightly different taste.
    Search for Indian cuisine and traditional recipes.
    Sorry, can't help wih the rest, but do hope your reimbursement issues get resolved.

  3. I have used curry recipes that use garam masala, for flavour rather than heat. Farmers everywhere have a lot of factors to contend with, don’t they, from governments as well as nature.

  4. We also mix it in pulses (dal). In fact homemade garam masala often becomes a 'signature' of that person's cuisine - it can alter the final aroma aroma and flavour.
    'Garam' literally means hot (not in the chili sense, though)! Use sparingly 😉

  5. I have no answers to your questions. The seasoning looks interesting. I'll have to see if it's available near me. That Norwegian apple pie looks delicious and oh so familiar. I don't bake much, because I'm the only one who enjoys the results, and I really don't need to eat desserts as often as I'd like to! I haven't tried downloading that particular file, but I have had similar problems with my Mac. I just remember deleting, deleting, deleting, and trying to find a different source. Good luck! As for the rant, everything seems to be backed up this year. Usually when our crops are harvested, we receive payment within a week. This year it was nearly four weeks. Luckily, we don't depend on our crops for our income. We only farm about eight acres. Still, it does seem strange that everything is so backed up this year.

  6. Look for a recipe for Chicken Makhani or Indian Butter Chicken. It uses Garam Masala and is super delicious. It's basically chicken, butter, shallots, yogurt, sour cream, tomato sauce and spices. You can make it mild or more spicy by upping the chili powder and ginger.

  7. Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and detailed information you provide.
    It's good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the
    same old rehashed information. Fantastic read! I've bookmarked your site and I'm including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  8. I know I have eaten that pie, but I have never seen the recipe for it and it is SO good! But I have no answers for you--on the spice or otherwise.
    That chicken coop looks pretty cozy--and I am glad to hear they are happy in it!
    HOW frustrating to get sidelined like that by the government. I haven't heard if things are that slowed up here in our USDA office, but that's lousy treatment. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing that on top of everything else you've had to bear as farmers.


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