Wednesday, January 29, 2020

catching up and ending 2019

Well, I still am not posting on a regular basis, so once again this is a catch up post.

I have some photos to share

I was out checking the chickens one of the last days of November and I managed to catch this sunset.

and then a few days after that, this is what we ended up with,

Above is the aftermath of the snow storm, belowis what was going on during it.  most of our windows were coated with the snow

We have had several more storms since, but I haven't taken pictures in all of them. 

Last October before the first hard frost, I was invited to pick apples from one of Farmguy's cousins.  They are yummy apples, and I canned several varieties of apple butter, and made apple sauce, and made some fried apples, and baked several types of desserts.  One of the ones we really like is Apkple Bread Pudding

it is an old recipe from my grandmother and like many recipes from nearly 100 yrs ago, it is not exact, 

3-4 slices of bread                                    - I used 8 cups of dried bread cubes
moisten with about 1 cup milk                 - I used about 3 C milk
1 - 2 C cut up apples                                 - I used a good 6 C of cut up apples
1/2 - 3/4 C sugar depending on tartness    - I used about 1 1/2C sugar & some cinnamon & nutmeg
Dot top with butter                                    - I used about 8 tbls of butter
Bake at 350 till apples are done.  Serve warm with heavy cream (G & G milked cows) or ice cream

I did some bread baking before Christmas, both Sourdough and Julekage. 
This is about half of what i made. Some for us, some for neighbors, some for friends

 I did do some Tatting before Christmas, it is about 2" tall

This post is getting long enough and late enough in the evening.  I will end 2019 here and try to get the rest caught up in the next day or so. 

Have a really great 2020


  1. Amazing photos - a good before/after 😀 But then Nature is amazing - brings joy and also labour

  2. It's difficult to keep up with everything. I like that you show pictures of the results of your labors. We did no canning or freezing this year. Storms ruined most of our vegetables. I'm grateful that we live in a country where we have options!

  3. What a beautiful sunset. You do live in a beautiful place. And that's a crazy productive time in your kitchen!


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