Thursday, October 23, 2008

more, more, gimme more

My mailman brought me some goodies today. Clyde the mad tatter (see his link to the right) was talking about how he feels about HDT and I certainly understand his feelings. I have a problem resisting HDT myself. I really need to tat my little fingers off to use it all up.

I found another seller on offering HDT thread -

#1 is size 10 in a rainbow colorway.
#2 is I think size 20
#3 is also size 20
#4 is I think a size 30

I really like the colors and the thread feels nice in my fingers. The scan doesn't do the colors justice. the background is actually a sheet of white printer paper, not gray or blue. so the colors are a bit skewed

I am looking forward to using this thread.

The weather here lately has been absolutely soggy. rain, rain, rain, we got the soybeans combined, but the corn is just sitting there not getting dry enough to combine and it is getting later and later in the season, we sould be half done or better by now. A freeze won't help, we need some dry weather to get the crops in the bin. The ground is so wet, the fields are just mud, some places the corn is standing in water. I am sure that God has his reasons, maybe it will be very dry next year and the only good thing is all the moisture that is being stored in the ground this fall, or maybe not.

happy tatting

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Bunch of Rosaries and 25 motif challenge

I have been off my blog for the past 10 days.

during that time I have tatted 5 rosaries. Ombre purple, lavender, pink, green, multi.

I started last weekend at the Marian Eucharistic Congress. I was able to tat almost 2 per day. until the last day, when I decided to make a multi colored one. That one is pictured here.

I used the shoelace trick between the split rings and changed colors on the Our Father rings. Other wise it is my basic Rosary pattern.

This rosary took me all week to sandwich in between other things.
I was tatting the rosaries during the talks, and many people came up to me to ask what I was doing. I gave several small quick demonstrations during breaks. All the rosaries except this one were given away on the spot. This one has a designated recipient as well.
I am adding the 5 rosaries to my 25 motif challenge as 1 item, since I don't have pictures to show of all of them.
I am hoping that this week will be more productive for tatting as I need to get the Christmas Presents done.

too much life and not enough time, so off to bed for me.
Happy Tatting

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hi All,
The 4th T.I.A.S is finished and here is my version. I am also counting this as #18 of my 25 Motif Challenge.
And to top it off, I was right. Sherry has announced that it is a lighthouse bookmark. A couple of weeks ago near the beginning of this process I emailed a guess to Ladyshuttlemaker that what we were making was a lighthouse as the 2 clues she gave were - Knotical and Illuminating.
She didn't let anyone know if they had the right anwer until now.
my lighthouse is a bit lopsided as it is not blocked yet. I was in too much of a hurry to get it posted to spend the time to wet it and wait for it to dry, or to steam it and wait for it to cool. I only use the steam method if it needs just a bit of blocking, the lighthouse bookmark above needs a lot of blocking so I will get it wet, roll it in a towel to remove any excess moisture, then lay it out on my blocking board, pin it into shape and let it dry.
my blocking board is a piece of 1" thick styrofoam isulating board covered with an old piece of white cotton sheeting.
This serial tatting puzzle was fun. It is the first one that I have done, but I will be waiting for the next one to show up. Jane Eborall has done the other 3, I wonder who will do the next?
Friday I am taking off work to go to the next largest town for a conference for Directors of Religious Ed for church and then attend at least some if not all of the Marian Eucharistic Congress. What a blessing to be able to attend these events. Because of getting ready for this trip and being gone most of the weekend, I don't expect to get much of any tatting done until next week. I will take a project with me, the last time I attended a Marina Eucharistic Congress, I did some tatting during some of the speechs. I can focus on what they are saying much easier if my fingers are busy, and tatting rosaries is so easy.
Happy Tatting

Sunday, October 5, 2008

step 11

Here is step 11.

I tatted all day today at the Uff-da day celebration in Rutland, a small town about 30 miles from me.
This is the 4th year that I have been there. I met another tatter!! Yippee!
we talked abit and I will be emailing her in a day or so as I get things squared away.

Tired and not feeling well - I have had a sore throat most of the day, so this is the end of this post.

Happy tatting

Friday, October 3, 2008

Step 10

Here is step 10

I am more intrigued then ever. The shape seems familiar, but I can't place what it is.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

step 9 and hdtv

just a short quick note.
I have changed my title above, I used the website to format the font for the title.
hope you like it. Gina introduced it on her blog.

I haven't posted lately as I have been quite busy with non-tatting items and a very big tatting project that I can't show or talk about as it is meant for someone who reads this blog from time to time.

The non-tatting items, include bowling on Monday nights, Tuesday working on the lesson that I taught on Wednesday to the CCD class of 8th graders. I was able to tat a bit tonight and hopefully catch up the TIAS tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday will be taken up with normal housework and getting my tatting display and other items ready for the tatting demonstration at Rutland's Uff Dah dayz on Sunday.

Here is step 9 for the TIAS 4, it is still a puzzle.

on the subject of HDTV, the new antenna came today.

DH is busy combining beans, and the crew that will erect the new bin was here late today prepping the site to pour concrete tomorrow. So I don't know if we will be getting the antenna up right away.

Happy tatting