Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lark's head joins, restarting a doily

well, no pic for this post.

I had started a doily with the Sue Hanson HDT color way in the post below, but because my supply is finite added another thread in the same green for the rings. Flora size 20 color #228.

I was doing the Glass Matt from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns. it is on page 74 & 76.

I have wanted to do this for some time, but never had the right thread. However, after 1 full pattern repeat, it was just too much green and not enough purple. so I took it apart. Yes, I took it apart. I didn't want to waste any of the HDT. I did cut the Flora rings though. I have now had to put the Sue Hanson project on hold until further inspiration hits.

I do like the purple and green so am going to do the Glass Matt in the Flora Green and Manuala size 20 purple color #40. and I will do 2 of them. one with green rings and purple chains and one with purple rings and green chains.

I tat front side/backside so rings and chains that are 2 different colors can cause a color spot so one thing that I am learning to do with this project is to join with no color spot showing. I think that I have figured out how to do it. Someone (Bina?), somewhere has given instructions on bringing the loop through the picot and making the loop large enough to fold back on itself. you then put the shuttle through the loops you made and work the thread tight. I did it the first time and it made the ring look lopsided.

Normally you make a picot between ds and when you join to it the join is between the ds. In this technique, when making the folded loop join to prevent the color spot, you are joining directly to a ds. this then makes the ring look lopsided. if you increase the ds to compensate, you are then changing the structure of our pattern.

so I think that you need to make the first half of the ds, then make the folded loop join to the back of the work, then make a second half ds.

or maybe I still have to work on it. I wish I could find the correct instructions. Oh, Well, I will work on it and see what I can come up with.

yeah! I just found the link on Bina's site the join is called a Lark's head Picot Join and the link to the instructions is I knew it was somewhere. It may be on Jane Eborall's site too.

It's now about 45 minutes later, among other things, I have done 2 LHPJ. since at the moment, I am tatting backside rings where you start with the 2nd half ds first. the rings are 4+4+4-4 so I did 4+3 then 2nd half ds then LHPJ then 1st half ds then 3-4 the ring looks good from the front.
Unfortunately, I started with the purple rings/green chains matt first, it would be easier to learn this join if I had started with the green rings/purple chains first, but it seems to be going well, the second join I did was easier then the first. I will let you know how it all turns out.

Well it is now 11 at night. several hours after what I posted above.

After I finished that pattern repeat I took a good look at the rings and discovered that I was decreasing the stitch count in the ring by 1. but, if I put that ds back, the join ended up off center.

I ended up giving up on using the LHPJ. I am not happy with the distortion of the ring, either you had to decrease stitches, or increase stitches to make the ring even and that just didn't match the pattern. If I had know that to begin with, I might have changed the # of ds at the beginning to compensate for how the join needs to be done.

Since I tat frontside/backside, the join I do depends on what side I am on, I do the join to put the best look to the front - on the front, I pull the loop down, and on the back I pull the loop up.If you pull the loop up on the front, you leave 2 threads on the front between the ds. this isn't much and most everyone will not notice. This creates a slightly larger ring.I was trying to figure out a way to join that would not decrease or increase the size nor change the look of the ring and yet avoid the color dot.I have decided to do the joins the opposite of my normal way so that the color dot is on the back of the work. and just accept that if you look closely you will notice the join. The purple is so dark you it is almost as if you are tatting with black so you will not notice the 2 extra threads, but the green is light and bright enough that it is likely to be noticeable. at least to me.

Well despite the setbacks, and extra time it took learning the new join, which will be handy at certain times, and retro tatting both a chain and a ring when I discovered that I had missed 4 ds and a picot, I have gotten half done with the matt.

I realize now that what Mary Konior called a glass matt is actually what I would call a coaster. I may make a full set instead of just 2.

I also "went shopping" last night. I bought supplies from firemountain.gems and for making christmas ornaments and another project that I have in mind.

I hope that all of you have a pleasant Labor Day weekend, and that the gulf coast doesn't get hit too hard by the hurricane.

Happy Tatting


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Motif #13

The motif above is #13 of the 25 Motif challenge. I worked on this while babysitting this past weekend. It was easier to put down and pickup then a cluny motif for the Tat-Olympics which is why I had to drop out of the Tally-Ho Cluny competition.
The pattern was recently offered on a blog it is titled Tatted Daisy by Mrs. W.M. Odum.
I tatted it in Cebelia size 30 color light blue #747. next time I make this, I will try to get the overlaying chains even so the "petals" have better looking curves.
My son in law asked if I could make it larger. I presume you could as all the curves are just 2 ds larger then the row below. I would not want to make the overlaying chains any longer then they are, so may have to make a 2nd set of petals set further out. hmmm a double daisy or maybe a dahlia?
I have picked out my next motif to use the Sue Hanson thread posted below.
I have also found an inexpensive yarn swift to use in unwinding skeins of HDT threads.
Happy Tatting

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more Thread

The scan above is 2 skeins of HDT in size 20 Hakelgarn thread by Ladyshuttlemaker. A brand that I have not tried before.

The yellow is called Pear Glacé and the gorgeous purple and green is named for Sue Hanson; Here-Be-Tatters list grandmom.

my mouth waters when looking at the Sue Hanson, I am waiting for inspiration as to just what I should do with it. I have so many ideas percolating for the many HDT threads that I have picked up lately. not to say that the commercial threads don't inspire me, because they do, I have many projects in my head, just not enough time to get them done.

as for UFO's, I promised our children, my husband, and myself crocheted afghans - I have 5.5 of the 9 done. and the youngest graduated from high school 5 years ago. I really need to finish those, but I have trouble crocheting with yarn during warm weather as my hands start to sweat and the tension gets out of whack. Tatting, however, is a year round craft

I hope God grants me many more years so that I can accomplish all I would like. However, His will not mine is the one I'll go by.

Happy Tatting


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Newest Granddaughter

Here is my newest granddaughter,
here name is Izabell Rose,
She is as lovely as her name.
I am at her home taking care of here big brother Ivan.
in this picture she is about 8 hours old.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow that everything turned out good.
I will be here for a few days longer.
I have not done much tatting while here, so will not be posting anything until I get back home.
I wish a successfull Tat-Olympics to all participants.
Happy Tatting

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tally-Ho Cluny Entry

This is my first official entry in the Here-Be-Tatters Tat-Olympics in the Tally-Ho Cluny event.

It is also motif # 12 for the 25 Motif Challenge.

This is tatted from size 20 Silk HDT called Rainbow Sherbet from LadyShuttleMaker. I liked working with this thread, other then I must have twisted it when taking it out of the skein and winding it on an old thread spool.
(by the way, does anyone know where I can get empty thread spools? I like to use them for leftovers and for thread that comes in a skein. )

I did change a few of the stitch counts on purpose to lay better for me, but did also make a mistake on the second side. The reason for the stitch count changes came about because I tatted the butterfly first in a larger throw away thread to make sure that I understood the directions. After blocking, I decided that I needed to make a couple of changes to make it lay better. I am happy with the changes that I made, just not the mistake. If any one needs the changes, let me know and I can tell you what they are.

I am on pins and needles tonight. I got a call from DD#6, she is in the hospital at least for observation if not actual labor for the birth of her daughter. This little girl will be our 7th grandchild. she is 3 weeks early but has already threatened 3 times before with popping out early. At this point the doctor's will allow nature to take it's course and not stop contractions. I am praying that all goes well despite Isabelle being early. we have been very blessed as a family. this will be the 4th grandchild born early. Isabelle's older brother Ivan who is now 6 was 7.5 weeks early, Morgan who is 7 was 6 weeks early and her younger sister, Eden was 5 weeks early. While they all ended up in NICU, all were near or above 5lbs. had no major breathing troubles, and were released to go home in less then 2 weeks. All are doing very well, some possible hyperactivity, but nothing major.

grandbaby #8 is due in November.

I missed one extra curricular activity in the post below. I am on the finance committee for the Tri-State Emergency Response Team that is just getting started. We have no funds in the kitty yet so we will have to do our best to bring in the funds. The first meeting for the committee is tomorrow night, there are only 3 of us on the committee, so hopefully we will be able to work together very well. The Emergency Response Team is a group of people affiliated with either an ambulance or other ems squad or a fire department. we are trying to get together a list of people and equipment that will be able to respond to disasters in our Tri-state area.

I tried something new tonight. I went into all the set up area's in layout and settings last night and found out that I can email my blog entry to the blog. That will save time and frustration, as I can spend time writing it and editing it without having to be online to do so. The only thing that doesn't work right is a picture, I then have to come into my blog and add the picture, not that big a problem and not all that time comsuming either. I had set the click box so that the posting will go directly into my blog, but I think that I will go back in and set it so it goes into drafts, that way I can add a photo and make any last minute changes before posting it.

Happy Tatting


Thursday, August 14, 2008

extra curricular activities

I didn't get any tatting done tonight as I attended my first fire department meeting.
for the past 5 years, I have been a member of the local ambulance squad. Local being a relative term, as I live out in the country 15 miles from the ambulance garage. I am located in the NE corner of the district which covers 300 square miles. The ambulance couldn't wait for me to get there, so I would have to "chase" it to the scene, leaving my car there, or being lucky enough that there was someone there who could drive my car into town. DH was getting a bit fussy over my having to be on call or being gone so long on calls. The nearest hospital is an hour away from either end of the district, so a normal call would take about 4 hours from the time I left home until I got back. With the cost of gas so high I just decided to make my life easier and this past June I retired from the squad.
But, I couldn't stay away from helping others, so there is a small village, of less then 90 people only 3 miles from me. They have a fire department but now response unit. They have approved my application to be attached to the fire department, not as a firefighter, but as a First Responder. I will also be working on stirring up interest in getting a few more people trained as First Responders, so maybe we can get a Quick Response unit up and running.
My other extra curricular activities are representative for our Parish to the area Deanery Pastoral Council where I am the secretary for the 3rd year. I have also had the previlage of being appointed by the Bishop to represent the Deanery Council to the Diocesan level Pastoral Council.
The fire department means a monthly meeting and training, and fire calls are not too frequent. The church councils are quarterly, so not too much time is involved outside of home.
Happy tatting

Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd attempt at Tally -Ho clunies

Hi all,

here is my 2nd attempt at a motif with clunies. Also #11 for the 25 motif challenge.

it looks similar to the other one I did, but with some changes. due to a mistake that I made on the first motif, and a comment by BJ that the mistake looked like a bunny hopping, I changed the stitch arrangement in the small rings to create ears and left out the picots on the tail ring and the large body ring. I will do this one more time, and change the stitch count on the tail ring so that it is not as large as the head, and I will make the ear picots larger.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out.
I think first, I will just make a chain of Clunies to practice getting them even, they are not as easy as they look.
The second pic is of the last batch of HDT thread that I had ordered. These came from Ladyshuttlemaker, Thanks Sherry. I bought them on
the first one is a size 80 DMC in a color way called Tuscany, the 2nd is 100% pure silk size 20 in Rainbow Sherbert colorway, 3rd is also 100% pure silk size 20 in Raspberry Mousse, and 4th is Picasso size 10 called Peach Pandora.
the silk feels really nice, I will need to come up with a special project for the silks.
I had to mend Father's vestment tonight, so I didn't get to start tatting until about 9:00 pm I finished just before 11:00pm as I was occasionally distracted watching the sporting Olympics. And it is now after midnight.
I still need more practice, or maybe a good critique of my clunies, as I know that there must be some way to make them more even. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
Happy Tatting

Sunday, August 10, 2008

no tatting today

I didn't get any tatting done today.
Right after 8:30 Mass, I left for my DD#6's 90 miles away. I got there about 11:30. She has been ordered to bedrest. She is 35 weeks pregnant and they are hopeing that she can hang on to this baby for another 2 weeks. Her first baby was 7.5 weeks early, so she has already done better this time.
DD#5 came too, and we got some work done around the house and in her garden to give her a hand.
I got back home about 8:30 tonight.
DD#6 has a doc appointment tomorrow and we will find out more then.
I am worn out. it is now almost 11:30 and time for bed.
DH didn't get in from combining until after 10, I can hear him snoring so I should go wake him up so he can eat supper, he fell asleep in the chair watching the weather.
Happy Tatting

Friday, August 8, 2008


Hi All, On Here-Be-tatters we have decided to participate in the
Olympics of tatting.
There are several events that include:
Ornaments All Around
Snowflake Slalom
800 Meter Dash
Bookmark Bobsled
Motif Marathon
Tally Ho Clunies
Freestyle Edging
Jewelry Jumping
Synchronized Snowflakes
Technical Figure Skating
And An open event for any other tatting plans

I have entered the Tally-Ho Cluny event.
to the right is my first attempt at a motif that includes clunies. There was a Vikings football game on the tv tonight, so had much tatting time while watching the game.
I definately need work on getting my clunies even, but tonights effort was just to get comfortable with the loom weave on my hand and the I think that I have gotten much more comfortable with clunies on the whole.
While my clunies need more practice to get even, in my hast to get this done and posted, can you find the mistake in the outer rings? I will be working this motif a couple more times as it is easy and yet gives a good number of clunies for practice. I didn't hide the ends, I turned them into a hanger so I can use it as an ornament.
this motif is from Georgia Seitz's website and it was designed by Saundra Hameed for the 2001 classes.

I felt that I was under a handicap tonight, there is a dead mouse in my house. And in between tatting I spent a good chunk of time tearing most of my bedroom apart, moveing dressers and other furniture trying to find the stinky thing. Turns out it is in the cold air return duct. DH took the cover off but there is no way to reach it. Yuck! I may sleep on the couch in the living room tonight.

I am also a bit stressed, grandchild #7 is due in about 5 weeks, but DD started contractions on wednesday again off and on until yesterday when the docs got it stopped. This is the second time, but at least she is much closer this time. She is now on bed rest, so if DH doesn't need me for combining wheat this weekend, after the funeral for a friends mother tomorrow, I will be heading 90 miles to watch my grandson while DD stays in bed.

This is motif #10 for the 25 motif challenge.

Happy tatting

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

angels motifs 8 & 9

I needed an angel for a gift tomorrow, so sat down tonight and tatted these angels. The pattern is one of Nancy Tracy's from
The first is a rayon thread. I do not have the tag any more, so have no idea the name of the thread or the size but do know that I picked it up at Nordic Needle in Fargo ND. they are on the web so check them out.
The second one is an HDT in size 10 that I bought on ebay from klmattox it is a nice color way.

I had some trouble with the double picots for the wings on the angels. the rayon wanted to twist so after finishing it, I wet it down and pinned it out. it is still a bit wet, so will go back on the styrofoam board to finish blocking. I think that I will need to wet the cotton one too and pin it out. the wings want to twist on that one as well, but I let the shuttle dangle and straighten out the twist in the thread a bit before making the picot so they are straighter.

This is a nice quick pattern. The rayon one took me about 40 minutes and the cotton one about 35, so it works up quick. The only technique that might not be familiar to beginners would be the double picots, but Nancy explains a bit about how to do them in the pattern and for further information you can look up Mark Meyers site or do a google search for double picots and find some good information, or simply ask the Here-Be-tatters email group for help.

Here is some of the HDT that I bought this past week. The first scan is of thread from Marilee Rockley, Yarnplayer arts, you can find her on Etsy. Thread #1 is called Vibrato it is size 10. #2 is called Summer Trail, it is a Pearl cotton size 10/2. #3 is called Nectarine and is a Linen 30/2. #4 is called Lavender and is a size 80

The second scan is of thread from Linda Mattox, klmattox on ebay. these are center pull balls of size 10 crochet thread. The blue color way is the thread that I used for the angel above.

Happy tatting

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

mail surprise

Today in the mail at work, I received an envelope from my folks.
It had a lump in it and I couldn't wait until I got home to find out what was in it, so I opened it at work.

I was this shuttle that had belonged to my Great Aunt Hazel. I hadn't known that she tatted. She was an older lady when I was little so I didn't know her very well. I can't recall exactly when she died but it is over 30 years ago. As you can see the ends are still tight even tho it has thread wound on it. The scan isn't clear enought to show you how pretty this shuttle is. I am not a fan of plastic tortoise shell, but this is very nice.

I now have shuttles from my grandmother Eulalia ( isn't that a pretty name?) who taught me to tat, and GA Hazel.

Thanks mom and dad for finding this and thinking enough of me to pass this on.

I feel very blessed.
Happy Tatting

Sunday, August 3, 2008

motif #6 & 7

Up first is another try at Martha Ess's Dragon Paprika. I am pleased with this try. The joins are closer and the face came out better and I was right if you do the face in one pass instead of putting it down while doing it, it works out much better. I used the left over thread on my shuttles from the first one I did and ended up finger tatting with the last 6” from shuttle 1 and 8” from shuttle 2. I would not have been a happy camper if I had needed to add thread at the very end. The thread that I used is a nice saturated red, but this scan still looks brown. I left off most of the beads as this is to go to a 3 yr old boy who is into NASCAR and other busy stuff.

The second motif finished today is a fairy. This fairy is going to the 5 yr old sister of the dragon boy.

This is a pattern by Jane Eborall, This was done in size 10 J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen. It is a crappy thread for tatting but the only thread that I had in a varigated color way in a size that I wanted to use. The beads for the skirt are white pearls and the beads for the wing are 12/0 lustered beads both from
I had a spot of trouble and had to cut and add thread when I started the wing. I had counted the beads for the skirt wrong and had an extra, I tried to take the easy way out by smashing the bead with a pliers but cut one strand of the thread and it wanted to shred, so had to cut out the damaged part and add the rest of shuttle 1 back in.
As for the amount of thread used in this fairy, I had wound about 4-5 yards on both bobbins for my Silent Shuttles. And having to cut out the damaged part and to cut and tie at the end of the wand and start and end the legs, I had about 1-2 feet left on my shuttles. My measurements are not exact because it is about 3' if I hold the end of the thread in my right hand, stretch my right arm out all the way and measure the thread to the left shoulder.

Gale Marshall's site has a lot of good stuff for tatting. She even offers additional time at $75,000.00/hour however she is sold out at the moment. I have been saving up my pocket lint to buy some time, but it looks beyond my reach at any time soon.

I ordered some more HDT threads this week, I can't wait until they come. When they do, I will post a pic of them.

The first football game of the season is on and it is only 9 p.m. So I will see if I can get a pair of earings done yet tonight, that will give me one more thing on my list. By the time I decided what thread and beads to use and found the hoops that I wanted to mount the tatting in, and wound the skein of thread on a spool, it ended up being 10 so I will work on the earrings tomorrow. I am planning on using the earing pattern from Nancy Tracy's Her earrings were patterned for a 1.25” hoop. My hoops are 1.75” so I will need to adjust the pattern. Her's used only 2 rows but I am thinking that 3 might work better, although if I make the space threads longer using beads I may be able to get by with 2 rows.

The thread that I am going to use, is a varigated green I picked up at Nordic Needle in Fargo. The tag on the thread says #239 (color number) and the other side says LEAH'S. I just checked their website and it is a pearl cotton size 8 but it is a crisper pearl cotton then the DMC threads. It feels and tats up smoother . Has anyone had any experience with this thread?
Happy Tatting