Thursday, October 27, 2011

South Carolina trip plans and an amazing talent

I am making plans to go on a trip to South Carolina,  the Charleston/Summerville/Goose Creek area to be precise.
If there are any tatters in the area who might have a few free minutes sometime between the 18th and 27th of November, let me know.

the Fargo Forum newspaper had an article today above the fold on the front page about a local 10th grader who takes amazing photographs.  One of them hangs in the British Natural History Museum in London. 
he also has a blog where he posts some of this work.  Go take a look

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snowflake post plus temporis

well, one more time, let's try this again.
This is the Snowflake I tried to post before, so here we go....

This is Sharon Briggs Merry Christmas Snowflake
I used Cebelia size 10 in white.  this is the same thread that I used for  the Christmas Tree in the post below.  The snowflake will go on the tree at the assisted living center where the tree is also headed.

yeah!! so far so good.

I have started chorus practice for the Christmas Cantata.  in our area, anyone who thinks they can sing is invited to join the Area Wide Chorus.  we only get together for a Christmas Cantata.  This year's is Night of the Father's Love and of course what is a Christmas performance without Handel's The Hallelujah Chorus. We do 4 performances the beginning of December. We usually get about 40 or so from sopranos to bases.

gotta get at my Christmas present tatting.

latin   plus temporis = one more time

Monday, October 24, 2011

snowflake post

I have tatted Sharon Briggs Merry Christmas Snowflake.
I have written the post 4 times now. It will not publish.
so this is now my post.
will try later

Saturday, October 15, 2011

request finished

I started this before my trip, but had to wait until things settled in my brain as to how to end it. and how to do the stump.
This is a requested project.  hope the gentleman likes it.  He is the director of the local assisted living center.  at some point in the past he had acquired a Tatted Christmas tree done in cream colored yarn.  it was starting to look it's age and he wanted a new one to frame. It had been done using the "cut and tie" method fro each row, and the yarn ends were showing and He asked me if I could do one for him.  of course.  but it took me a bit to decide just how to do it to get the size he wanted, nearly 12" if possible.
So this is how it turned out.

This was tatted in size 10 Cebelia
In answer to Jane's question,  this was tatted from bottom to top with out cutting and tying.  I used split chains and split rings to move from one row to the next.  the top of the tree is a SCMR so I could hide ends in a ring in the second row. The only add on was the trunk.

good idea

Saw this on a friends facebook post
I whole heartedly agree