Thursday, February 28, 2013

the mailman dropped this off

I was happy to get home, work was a bit stressful today, but waiting for me when I got in the door was a package.

and inside the package were these
picture shamelessly stolen from Jon's blog

Clicking on the picture caption will take you to the page on Jon's blog where she is offering her books for sale.

These books are very professionally done.  The paper is very nice and the publishing is excellent.  Jon, your books are wonderful.

Now as to the patterns,  oh these are great.  Each is done in both text and graphics.  With additional instructions if Jon thought necessary. 

I would recommend these books to any one from beginner to advanced.   
The patterns in Tatting With Rings  use rings, chains and the same wrapping technique you would use for split chains.  There are a few patterns that use split rings, and nearly all include beads.
The patterns in Tatted Snowflakes  utilize rings, chains, split rings and mock rings.
The patterns in Elegant Tatting Gems  generally use only the basic rings and chains.  There are a couple that have other techniques but they are not difficult.  The patterns do twist and turn on themselves a bit, so even advanced tatters should have fun tatting them.

Thanks Jon for such excellent patterns and such lovely books. 

I have been tatting, and have 5 projects going at the moment, however, I am not in a position to show anything right now.  Once I can, I will show them off.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Final for the 2013 TIAS

It's a pram!!

The 2013 is a baby carriage as we say on this side of the pond. 

I have had fun with this, and taken longer then I should have to finish my TIAS version. But it is done.

I used size 20 threads in Lizbeth Ocean Sunset and Boysenberry Dark  and Manuela Gold.

I know, I haven't yet posted all the snowflakes I made for Christmas presents yet.  I will try to get that done before Christmas comes again.

But I am still tatting on unfinished projects.  I will post when I have something to show.

wishing all of you a happy tatting weekend.  Take care, stay out of the snow and off the icy roads.

Monday, February 11, 2013

blizzard pictures

Just a few pictures of the snow we had yesterday.

didn't get much of any tatting done, still setting up farmguy's new computer and getting files transferred, takes longer then you think it should.

First up is a look across the yard from the front door, I used the zoom a bit,  there is about the same amount of door below the knob as above it, so you can see how deep it is on the ground as well as on the roof of the green shed

This is looking toward the barn, still using zoom a bit, you can see the snow piled up on the bin roof and in front of the door and clinging to the wall of the barn

Basically the same view, but taken from out in the yard later in the afternoon, you can still see snow that has to be shoveled, but much of it has been removed by tractor and snowblower.

headed past the barn and on the way to the cow yard, they are waiting for some more hay, they eat a lot when the weather is colder and stormy.  They have inside shelter, but they prefer to be out as much as possible.

The backside of the house, I thought I would show this as you can still see the snow clinging to the wall of the house.  The windows were mostly covered with snow all day yesterday, as it clung to the screens.  You can see the bottom corner of the garage in the lower left, that is the same level for the bottom of the house all along it, so you get some idea of the height of the snow piled up against the house.

Just a look at the path to the wood stove, and the snow on top of one of the wood piles. 

Pretty in the sun.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 8 and a Beta

I got a bit of tatting done today on the TIAS Day 8.
No clue as to what it is.

I was also privileged to test Jeff Hamilton's new pattern for a Beta Fish
This pattern was not hard to do.  I have done block tatting many times, but never this much in a pattern, so I was very careful to check off each row as I did it so I could keep my place.
Jeff's pattern is not complicated.  Thanks Jeff for allowing me to test your pattern.  Please keep an eye on Jeff's blog, he will let you know when it is available.

I also started a set of doodad earrings from a pattern posted by Marie from West Pine Creations on Facebook

Day 7

I almost forgot to post this. 
I have sent it to Jane with no guess, I still have no idea what this is.

We got some more snow today, another inch or so.  Last night it was -24 but tonight is is only supposed to get down to about -10 I think. But the next several days are all forecast to be above zero day and night.  Yeah! a heat wave.