Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 TIAS Day 8

After a long day at work, and making a big pot of chili for tomorrow, I finally had the time to sit down and tat today's installment of the TIAS .

to me it looks like this will be a goat.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 7

my Granddaughter Lily has guessed that it is the back end of a dog or other animal. (stand on your head to see it. he he he)

was able to flip the picture in PicassaWeb, so here you have it right side up,  maybe.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 5 and other TIASs

 Here is my day 5
if we had added a bead in or near the large center ring, then this would resemble an elephant's trunk, however since we didn't, I am nonplussed.

Sherry over at Tatting Tales ~ All thing Tatting  mentioned that she had previously hosted a TIAS. 
I thought I would show you what her pattern turned out to be.
Lighthouse Bookmark
There was another TIAS hosted by Dani in the spring around Easter. this is what we tatted. 
Dani had 2 options for her TIAS, you could stop when what you had looked like an Easter Egg, or continue on to see what you tatted in the end.  I have a granddaughter who loves this little chick.

we ended up with 70lbs of venison sausage rings, that go to the smoker tomorrow, 8 lbs of bulk sausage in the freezer and 18lbs of ground venison for jerky.  6lbs of which are busy marinating in the fridge and will be set to dry later this afternoon.  the rest will be done in the next couple of days.

2 football games this afternoon.  time for lots of tatting.,  but not with beads,  to many chances for getting involved with the game, and no way do I want to try to get beads out of the carpet. even with a stocking over the vacuum cleaner. not good. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 4 and stuff

I have completed Day 4 of the TIAS.

had a rough afternoon at work.  my computer started to act up and it took me about 2 hours of constant restarts and fiddling to get it to work again.  turned out I had to switch out my keyboard. 
a couple days ago, and again today I had tipped my travel mug of water onto my desk.  Neither time did I think any water got in my keyboard, but apparently it did.  must have shorted it out over time as I used my computer for several hours after spilling the water.  but once it dawned on me that maybe ..... so unhooked it and got a different one, and voila! it worked. 

by 3:30 I was the only one left in the building and by the time I got it all working again,  it was time to get home.  so didn't get anything more accomplished.

Tomorrow is sausage making day.  we should end up with 100 lbs of venison sausage by the time we are done. 

we will grind the venison and pork once, reserve enough for jerky, then mix in the spices and grind again, then stuff the casings. we are going back to pork casing this year.  last year we tried beef casings, they were easier to stuff, and the rings were plumper, but the casing was tougher, and the sausage didn't seem to smoke as well.  also the casing needed to be removed when you ate the sausage, with pork you didn't need to do that.

Then the cleanup.  the big electric grinder and the stuffer.  takes forever to clean those tiny holes in the grinder plates.  The sausage will be smoked by a friend of ours on monday.  then we will need to get all of it vacuum packed  and in the freezer ~ lots of good stuff to eat this year. 

So early to bed tonight so I have enough energy to get it all done. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

finally showing some Christmas Tatting

I am finally showing some of the Christmas Tatting. Some of the bells were given away before I took pictures. I am still tatting the last couple of bells, but these have beads, and they are taking more twice as long to do, as well as the other tatting I am trying to accomplish in this new year. There are only 12 of the 25 bells that I did pictured below.

so without further ado ...

all of the bells are tatted using a varigated Lizbeth in size 20 and a gold Mauela also in size 20.  The pattern is the angel skirt from the Tatting with Tatsy book.  click on the patterns tab at the top to find the graphic showing the changes I made to the pattern in the book.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


here is my Day 3,

the other tatting I have been doing I can't show yet.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 2

Here is Day 2 of Jane's TIAS
I had fun babysitting grandkids this past weekend.  3 of them for 3 days.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TIAS Day 1

Here is my Day 1 for the TIAS that Jane Eborall is hosting. you can find it here

the thread is Flora size 20 but there is no color information as the ball is about 3/4th gone. The small bead is a 10/0 rocaille bead and the larger is one I found in the stash that has been accumulating over the years from all the daughter's crafting.

i am using 2 of my favorite shuttles, a faux Ivory Silent Tatter from Roseground, and one of the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles from I'm in the garage. 

The picture isn't the best, but I used my cell phone instead of my camera.

I'm doing some test tatting for a gal so can't show that, and I know I haven't posted what I made for Christmas presents yet, as I am still finishing 2 of them.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I love this

On Saturday the 31st, farmguy and I made the trip to our youngest daughter's house for our family Christmas.  All of our children and their spouses and kids were able to be there. so if you counted the plates there was 25 of us at the tables.

of the several things our children gave me, this is the one I like the best.  if is so us.
I thought I would share it with you.

This spells out exactly how we are. 

may you all have a Blessed and Peacefull New Year full of Happiness.