Friday, July 31, 2009

Tatting Demonstrations

For the past several years I have demonstrated tatting at the Rutland ND Uff Da Days the first sunday of October. The link will take you to the website for the tiny town of Rutland, about 30 miles southwest of where I live.
This year I have a conflict. I am a First Responder with the Mantador ND Fire Department.
There is a 2 day training seminar for EMS personel that same weekend. I will miss being at Rutland, there is some oh so good food there. The compensation for spending a day tatting, talking about tatting and seeing friends is Rommegrot, fatigman, lefse, rosettes.... All the really fattening and yummy Norwegian cooking. If you don't know about Rommegrot - Norwegian cream pudding - I found a recipe. There are only 2 ingredients, cream and flour.

anyway..... what does this have to do with tatting demonstrations you ask?????????

I will not be able to demo tatting at Rutland, but I have already been asked to demo tatting at the 125 celebration in 2011 in the little village of Mantador ND which is just 3 miles as the crow files from me. There are less then 75 people in Mantador so they are starting to get things ready now, so they won't have to work so hard.

I go to church in Mantador and my job is there in the former elementary school.
gotta get to bed so will check in with all of you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grandma's doily

TattingChic posted about the antique collar in her possession. Some of the joins in that collar are picot joins and some are tied joins. I mentioned to her that I had a doily of my grandmother Eulalia's that also had both types of joins. She requested I post it. I was surprised as I had posted it before, then went to my blog expecting to be able to send her the link, and much to my surprise couldn't find the post. I then realized that I must have posted it on my old yahoo360 blog that no longer exists.

Grandmother Eulalia is the one that taught me to tat and whose large thread stash I inherited. I have some other items that she tatted and I will post them another time.

I decided to update my scan of the doily by removing it from the frame it was in. I have never liked the backing fabric it is on and the frame was sealed up tight. it is my understanding that lace needs to breathe. I also don't know if the backing fabric is archival quality. The doily seems in very good shape so maybe it is.

This first scan is of the doily only. the fabric behind it is supposed to be a very deep purple crushed velvet.

The joins within the medallions are regular picot joins like we do now. The joins between the medallions are picots tied together.
There are 11 large medallions and 11 small clovers.
I just realized that I scanned the back of the doily. She hemmed the fabric with buttonhole stitching, then attached the tatting with separate stitches.

This second scan is of the note that is in the bottom corner of the frame. It lists my grandparents names, their wedding date, their children's birthdays, and the approximate date the doily was made - 1920. This display was put together by my aunt Selina over 20 years ago.

you will see in the note that her name is listed as Lala. She did not like her name - Eulalia - I did and would have used it as the middle name for my second daughter if she hadn't been so upset and horrified about the idea, she did allow me to use her middle name Elizabeth instead.
This third scan is a picture of my grandparents on their wedding day. It is in the other corner of the frame.

This is a scan of the arrangement of doily, note and picture in the frame.

The goldish backing fabric is a stiff velour. I am going to see what I can do about being sure this is framed correctly. While this has been in a frame, it has been stored flat in a box out of any light. It needs to be displayed, but I want to do it right. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
Until I get it all figured out, I will roll the doily in clean white cotton.

Monday, July 27, 2009

25mtc, young turkeys and flowers

first in this post is the above collection of decorative paperclips.

#1 of my 3rd 25 Motif Challenge

the idea for these is based on patterns by Ellen Lai as posted on Georgia Seitz' online tatting class website

The pattern for the Heart Paperclips is her's and is posted on the website. The link will take you to the PDF of the pattern.

The left Butterfly is the Shuttle Brother's SCMR Butterfly and the the second Butterfly from left is based on that one.

The 2 Butterflies on the right are also based on the SCMR Butteflies, but are my pattern for a Ruffled SCMR Butterfly. The pattern is posted on my patterns blog. This is the first time I have done a chart so please forgive any crudeness.

Here is a picture of some of this year's young turkeys. There are actually 2 moms and their broods in this picture. the female turkey in the pic has her brood just in front of her, it is difficult to see but there is one chick just to her right behind some of the tall grass. The other 2 young turkeys in the pic belong to the female that is behind them, out of the picture. they are about 20' north of the house, a bit earlier they were right in front of the door to my house.

This is a picture of the wild black raspberries that grow out by the bins. I seem to have missed most of them this year. I think the turkeys got them. right in the center of the picture is one that I picked tonight - yum!!

this is just a small part of the old fashioned Daylilies that grow behind the house. I planted the patch 20 years ago and if we didn't mow them off they would be allllll over.

This Daylily is actually a very deep maroon. The flash from the camera brightened up the color a lot. These do not spread as much as the old fashioned orange ones.

This is a picture I found on a website of a hummingbird that was visiting the Hollyhocks outside my dining room window this morning. I was torn in two - go get the camera, stay and watch, go get the camera, stay and watch, in the end, the in decision allowed me to enjoy the pretty little bird, give thanks to God for his wonderous deads and smile all day every time I thought about the pretty little bird. I found this photo on this website

Thursday, July 23, 2009

blog challenge

Krystle from Krystledawne tats has issued a tatting space challenge for tatters to post pictures of their tatting space.

so I have accepted the challenge, I hope my mom doesn't see these, she will think she didn't teach me how to clean house. but tatting is so much more fun then picking up and putting away, that at the end of the day at work, I much prefer to sit and tat.
This first pic is of my recliner. right now it has a box of threads from my late mother in law. I was looking at them for a project that is at the moment on hold. my tatting books are in the bookshelf behind. they take up close to half a shelf. The light is not an Ottlight, but it works. It was my mother in law's lamp
When I am not sitting in my recliner, I am tatting on the couch. above you can see the project I am working on at the moment. and a box of beads from previous projects that I haven't found space for.
Here is the coffee table in front of the couch. My tatting is allllllll over the house.
Here is my thread stash. all 3 drawers have lots of threads in them. I have them sorted by size, 3,5,&12 perle, 10 and 20 are in the bottom drawer. the middle drawer holds 30&40 . The top drawer holds 50,70& 80 and other miscellaneous items. ?Quit a few of my threads are either from my grandmother Eulalia's stash or HDT from several of the venders on etsy or ebay.
please ignore the stacks of books along side. I read a lot too.
oh well, that is not all of my tatting stuff. I have a display board ( hmm I may post about that another time) and another drawer in a cupboard and stuff in a couple of carrying cases.
I envy Krystle's neat space and Sherry's very pretty room, but I am me and this is me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Out of the nest and 3rd 25 motif challenge

Today was the day. I checked the baby bird this morning, while out hanging laundry on the line and it looked very alert and had most of it's feathers so I figured it was about ready to leave the nest.
I had to go in to work this afternoon to catch up on some things, but took the time to check on the bird before leaving and was I ever glad that I did.
Take a look at who I found out of the nest. Sitting on a branch just a little ways from the nest.

Here is a closeup. you can see the white eyebrows, wish I knew what kind of bird this is.
on that tatting side, I have decided to do another 25 Motif Challenge. I started my first one in june 2008. I don't know if you are supposed to count every item that you tat, or only those from different patterns. After finishing that one this spring, (well, if you count everything I tatted I finished it before Thanksgiving).
Then I tatted the items needed for my daughters wedding as well as a few other items. That would have been my 2nd full Challenge.
So I am going to start my 3rd one. I will put the list gadget back on my blog for this Challenge.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bouquets and baby birds

I survived the hurried trip to Omaha this weekend. While the wedding isn't until November, I wanted to show you how the tatted stars were used in the flower arrangements for the wedding. we used silk flowers and blue accents. The colors are very deep and rich, the photos don't do the colors justice except for the one of the bridesmaids bouquets. There are Hydrangeas, roses, and a bunch of others. We bought out all the deep red from 1 of the Hobby Lobby's in Omaha.

This first photo is of the Mother's corsages, you can see 3 tiny white tatting stars in each. I will be posting the pattern for the small white tatted stars to my pattern blog in the next couple of hours, if you click over and it isn't there yet, check back a bit later.

This second photo is of the Brides Bouquet. There are 11 tiny white tatted stars in it. It is not finished and maybe pulled apart and done over, it is good, but not perfect, since there are 4 mos left until the wedding, there is time to figure out what isn't just right.

This third photo is of the Bridesmaid's bouquets. On the handles you can see the tatted initials and the small red tatted flowers. The pattern for the small red flowers is available on my pattern blog. The Maid of Honor's bouquet is on the right, her small red flower has 6 petals instead of the 5 in the rest, mainly because I goofed and didn't count right, but it also sets hers off from the other gal who has the same initial.

There are small tatted white stars in the grooms boutonniere, but that picture is a bit fuzzy, I didn't realize that I was shaking when I took it.

This 4th photo is of the arrangements for behind the altar in the church. The colors should be as deep and rich as the photo of the bridesmaids above.

And last but not least is an up date on the baby bird. He has gotten much bigger. I have never had a really good look at mama, she is very fast off the nest and the leaves cover it up unless I lift them out of the way to take the baby's picture, but I did get a better glimpse at her yesterday. She is medium to dark grey on the top and creamy on the bottom. her head is darker and she has a white stripe across her eyes. Her beak is sharper and longer then an oriole, so I am thinking maybe a Vireo? but then since I know so little of birds, I can be oh so very wrong.

Time to get moving, I need to get the pattern for the tiny white flowers written up and posted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Bird Update

This is a picture I took tonight of the bird nest. You can see 1 baby bird and 1 egg.

You may recall in the previous pictures there were 5 eggs, 3 were smaller and white with brown speckles and 2 were larger blue with brown speckles. Sharon said she thought that the larger eggs were cowbird eggs and since I had already suspected as much, it simply confirmed what I was thinking. I did some research and decided that the 2 larger eggs were cowbird eggs. Now I realize that God designed and nature developed birds and animals to fit into specific niches. And in order for cowbirds to follow the large migratory bison and cattle herds to help keep them free of insects, some bird needed to foster the babies as the parents wouldn't be able to get back to the nests to do so.
Unfortunately as a human, I can't leave things alone. Particularly as there are no migratory cattle herds here, all the cattle are in their fences and the parent cowbirds can very well raise their own babies,
If the cowbird babies would co-exist with the host bird babies, I wouldn't have a problem with the situation, but they hatch first, are larger and will deliberately kill the true baby birds. So, Monday, after the 2 eggs blue eggs and 1 white egg had hatched, I could tell that the 2 were much larger and crowding out the smaller baby. the other 2 small eggs weren't hatching either. I removed the 2 larger babies and hoped that the other 2 white eggs would hatch. Tonight there is only 1 white egg left and I doubt it will hatch. Mama bird spent too much time off the nest trying to feed the cowbird babies.
The baby bird in the photo is almost twice the size it was on Monday .

no promises, but maybe next post there will be tatting again.

Oh, I will be on the way to Omaha NE this weekend. I will be meeting my future son-in-law's family and since they will be creating the silk flower bouquets and also my daughters real flower bouquet for the wedding, it will be nice to get together to be sure we are on the same wave length concerning the filler flowers for the bouquets.

Omaha is a 6 hr drive from here and my daughter and her fiance will have to drive an additional 4 hours to get here to pick me up. They live in St Paul MN so there is no direct route to Omaha anyway, either way they go west then south or south then west it takes them about the same amount of time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

quick postie

we now have high speed internet.
The local phone company put a radio receiver on the top of our house. They mounted it to the TV anntena pole. It receives internet signals from a broadcaster located on the top of the water tower in a town 15 miles away.
we are too far from anywere for DSL, so this was the best solution. We are 1 of the first 5 to be able to get it. Now they will wait to see how everything works before getting any one else set up.
This is like going from walking speed to 100m/h. what a difference this is. we still need to get a router so we can get both computers up and running on high speed internet. DH's computer is stilll on dial-up until we get the router.

on Heather's blog, Tarnished Tatter she is requesting craft items for a charity auction to benefit a friend of hers who has stage 4 Breast Cancer. If you are interested in donating a craft item, please visit Heather's blog and contact her.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Tatting

I am posting some of the wedding tatting tonight.

First are the Initials that I have finished.

E for the bride,
J,J,M,R,R are for the maid of honor and the bridesmaids and the A is for a groomswoman. The initials will be mounted on the ribbon wrapped handles of the bouquets except for the A, it has yet to be determined if that will be used and how. I used the patterns from the book Tatting ABC's & 123's by Houstine Cooper and Handy Hands Inc. available from Handy Hands. I do not like to hide ends so modified the patterns to be tatted in 1 round, using SCMRs and floating rings. If anyone has questions about altering the patterns, please contact me.
The brighter thread is a size 30 antique Clark's O.N.T. from my grandmother Eulalia's stash, so it has sentimental value to my daughter, it was used for the initials for her and 2 of her sisters bouquets. The darker thread is Subtlety Silk Pearl #12. The colors are not acurate, they are deeper and much richer then the scan shows. there is too much orange in the scan and I am not bold enough to alter the colors using the photo editor. I have Irfanview which I really like. It is available for free.

(peeuw - one of the disadvantages of living in the country is skunks, don't know where this one is, but I can smell it)

The second picture is the tiny beaded flowers.

They will be used at the ends of the ribbons that wrap the bouquet handles, they will be left long enough to dangle. I have posted the pattern for the tiny beaded flowers on my pattern blog. The thread is Subtlety silk pearl #12 and the beads are Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads. Both Subtlety and the beads are available from Nordic Needle.

The third picture is of some experimentation of filler for the bouquets.

I am seeing my daughter this Saturday so will see what she likes best. My preference is for the first 2, they are daisy picot flowers based on Linda Davies' (toptattyhead) Queen Anne Lace flowers. The thread is another of grandma Eulalia's stash - Daisy size 30 ecru. The beads are whatever I have around.

Happy 4th of July everyone

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If you could stock a store full of Tatting materials . . .

Heglajhess asked that question on the Here-Be-Tatters email list so I thought I would post my answers here too.
1- The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones
2- Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior
3- Beginning Tatting (can't find my copy so don't know the author)
4- Tatting by the Tatsy company
1- Ben Fikkart's books
2- The Shuttle Brother's books
1- Silent Tatter
2- Detach-A-Spool
3- Handmade by my dad out of walnut from his backyard similar to the Silent Tatter
4- Grizzly Mountain Arts with a sewing bobbin and hook
5- any shuttle using a sewing bobbin and has an attached hook
1- 6 cord mercerized cotton
2- hand dyed thread
3- silk
4- linen
5- blending filaments
1- magic thread/floss threader
2- short crochet hooks with rings
3- beading needles
4- clover thread cutter
5- yarn swift for handling skeins of thread
6- picot guages
1- beads
2- glass ornaments
1- 1' tatted measuring thread
2- pencil
3- paper
beginning tatting videos - I like Sharon's