Monday, July 28, 2008

major bummer

Hello All,
I am just plain bummed. The following would normally be a topic for my private blog on yahoo 360, but tonight I think it needs to be more public.
I can not believe the nerve of some people. on a tatting email list that I belong too some of the members started to get very personal off topic and now several including the list mom have been slammed and their feelings have been hurt to the point that list mom has scheduled the close of the list.
I have learned so much from all the wonderful tatters on the list. I have no other tatters any where close, the only place I have found is on the 'net.
I am hoping that a solution maybe found and the list will not have to close.
It seems to me that if you want to say something that is divisive - topics that cause strong feelings such as religion or politics that you would know to make your point on your blog, not on an email group list dedicated to tatting, that is just wrong.
I am so peeved! I am a very strong Catholic, and I work very hard to practice tolerance and patience and to remember that only God can judge not me. I try to practice the Gift of Wisdom that I received in Confirmation and see the good (God) in everyone. So many forget that the person is not the behavior.
Please remember to love the person even if you don't agree with their behavior or what they said. Do not make personal attacks, everyone is made in the image and likeness of God and is therefore worthy of respect.
Time to let this go and do a little praying for guidance.
Happy tatting

Sunday, July 27, 2008

stacked crosses bookmark

this is the first attempt at this bookmark.
While I was mending Father's alb today, a bookmark was running around in my head. This is the first attempt at what I am calling stacked crosses.
this is not yet blocked nor is it finalized. It is tatted in one pass from top to bottom using split rings.

I will have to let this design perculate for a bit as I am not completely satisfied at how it turned out.

the lopsided split rings may look better when it is blocked I hope.

I realize that the scan is a bit hard to see with yellow thread against a white background. I should have taken the time to dig out a darker colored paper to use as a background.

since this isn't a final usable design I am not submitting it for the 25 motif challenge.

Happy Tatting

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crochet not tatting

These are the tassel caps that I finished today for Father's cincture.
They are crocheted using Anchor Marlitt color 1037 This is a rayon 6 stranded embroidery thread. I used 2 skeins held together. Each tassel cap took 4 skeins. I reused the original fringe.

appling the fringe took almost as long as crochetting the caps.

If i do any others for him, I am going to look into doing something more elaborate, maybe tatted, or celtic knot or chinese knot. I will have to do some searching. I followed the pattern of the originals for these.

I thought that I would get Father's vestment mended today, but it is a good thing he doesn't need it tomorrow for Mass.

I didn't get any tatting done either, it was just too nice a saturday so took some time to just be and read a book.

Happy Tatting

Friday, July 25, 2008

short note

I has been a busy couple of days at work.

I haven't posted my work website yet, so thought that I would do so tonight. I am the office manager but there are 7 employees, so we all help out with more then one aspect of what we do. The website is for retail but the main focus of our business is wholesale to other retailers. Here are just 2 of the over 300 designs we have for Windspinners, and other metal art. The Dancing DNA mobiles are really nice, take a look and let me know what you think.

I did some tatting during lunch time today on the second dragon. I hope to get it done this weekend, along with a lot of housework and some mending on one of Father's vestments and crochet the tassel cap for one of his cinctures that needed mending.

time for bed.
Happy Tatting

Thursday, July 24, 2008

mini doily and 25 motif challenge

Hello all,

I have joined Sharon Brigg's 25 motif challenge. if you aren't familiar with this, you agree to tat 25 motifs during a years time. Sharon has generously allowed me to back date my committment to this challenge and will accept the 5 tatted items now posted on this blog, because of that I will date my year from the 1st of June 2008. Wish me good tatting as I work my way through this.
Tonight is the last of the tatted items that I will move from my previous blog. It was originally posted on 06/27/08. this miniature doily I tatted for a friend of mine to congratulate her for quiting Smoking. She loves little things so I thought that a miniature doily would be just the thing. The first 2 rounds are Sharon Brigg's M10 from her book Transitions in Tatting Flat to Floral and then I added another round so it is about 3" in dia. I used antique thread Daisy size 20 by Lily Mills. I didn't notice until now that I scanned it from the backside.

Yes, I tat front/backside. it seems very logical to me as I can see the differences. so when I teach that is how I teach, but do tell my students that it is alright to simply enjoy the process and not worry about the front or back side.

I have a tatting book review to bring over from my previous blog to close out the items that I am moving over.
Happy tatting

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

paprika the dragon

This dragon is based on Marth Ess's Dragon Paprika. It was tatted in Aida size 10 color 47 which is a nice deep red unlike the picture which looks like it is brown. The beads are 10/0 rochaille.

I wanted to tat this dragon for my 3 yr old nephew (I taught his dad to tat a couple of weeks ago.) , but didn't think this active NASCAR loving little boy would appreciate too many beads, so only used the one for the eye and added the one for the nostril, however, I didn't pay enough attention to the picture of the pattern and my picots are too big. Also I got interupted a couple of times right in the middle of the tricky chains and had a heck of a time trying to get them to go the right way and to know which shuttle I should be using. I think that there must be an easier way to get the chains to go the way you need them to. I will have to do it again. Since this little boy loves NASCAR so much, does anyone know of a car pattern to tat?

I am thinking that I will need to make another dragon for his older sister, but that one will be a "girly" color with beads.
I started this one this morning before going to work, did a bit on it during lunch time, and finished it tonight. All told about an hour and a half. I used Jane Eborall's posted method of adding beads instead of stringing them on the thread when winding the shuttle. that works much better for me and I have actually used it before, and I am glad that now it doesn't seem like cheating.
Happy tatting

Sunday, July 20, 2008

new shuttles

originally posted 07/12/08 on my former blog

Hello All,
I had a good time over the 4th, hope you did too. I spent the day with my 7 children, 5 inlaws, 6 grandkids, and a bunch of friends.
this past Monday to Friday I attended a family reunion with my parents and siblings. it was an enjoyable time all around.
during the reunion I was able to teach 2 new tatters.
the picture above is of the 2 new shuttles that I bought from Roseground in the UK. I now have 6 of these, each in a different wood or synthetic. I love these shuttles, they fit my hand and are so smooth. I have only had 1 problem with one shuttle, the hook came loose. I sent it back to roseground, and they repaired it for free. All it cost me was the postage. I highly recommend these shuttles.

In answer to several requests for the pattern for my rosary, I wrote it up quickly tonight. it is in the shortened version that I use for myself. If you need help, let me know.
2008 Rosary Pattern
by Jeanne Lugert (ladytats) NATA #39 ( change the # to @)
R= ring
SR = split ring
CL = close ring
LCH = lock stitch chain
- = very small joining picot
+ = join
Sh# = shuttle 1 or shuttle 2
RW = reverse work
[X#] = number of repeats
CTM = Continuous Thread Method
size 20 thread
Wind approxamately 6 yds on shuttle 1 and 5yds on shuttle 2 CTM
Starting at the bottom of the cross,
SR 8/8 CL,
SR 7-1/7-1 CL,
SH1 R 1+14-1 CL, RW
SH2 R 1=14-1 CL, RW
SR1+7/1+7 CL
SR 8/8 CL
SR 8/8 CL [X3]
SR 8- (lay in magic thread)8/(lay in magic thread)8 CL [yes, this is a lopsided ring]
*SR 8/8 CL [X10]
LCH 4* Repeat for 5 decades.
Cut threads about 6” from end of last LCH and join to picot (tie ends around together in a knot) in large ring. Hide ends using magic threads
I used to use a regular chain instead of the lock stitch chain, but it had a tendancy to curve and I like the look of the LCH in this pattern.
The above stitch count is the one that I used for a man's rosary, for a women's, I have cut the stitch count to 6 instead of 8 for rings and used 3 for the LCH, but you don't need to. The basic stitch count can be increased or decreased as you please depending on the look you want or the size of the thread.
Also I have added picots to the sides of the Our Father rings, and to the cross.
I have added beads or used a blending filament for sparkle. Have fun, and if you have any questions, let me know.



The picture to the right is of a Chaplet of the Precious Blood
Here is a link to the website with the prayers to go with the Chaplet
Father Anderl told me about this Chaplet, it is supposed to be very powerful. It doesn't take long to pray.
The pattern is a simple variation on the pattern for the rosary that is posted just below.
the thread is a Perle Cotton size 8. the tag is missing so have no color #
I have been contemplating doing one of the tatting challenges, either the Celtic Heart from Celtic Dream Weaver or the design challenge from Sharon at Tatdlace I realize that I had better hurry up and make up my mind to do one or the other.
one down and several more to go
Happy Tatting

Saturday, July 19, 2008

new blog

Hello all,

well, I have done it.

I have started a Blogger blog.

Now I just have to figure out how to run the thing and then see if I can transfer my tatting posts over here from yahoo 360. For now you can see what I have posted there.

Here is the bookmark that I tatted this evening. It started as Motif #24 from Patti Duff's Minitats. The thread is DMC Perle Cotton size 8
I tatted it for my sis in law. Hope she likes it.