Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Misc catchup post

This has been an interesting summer.  We had a cool and wet spring and summer, which brought a large and amazingly varied crop of mushrooms.  This is just 1 and it was very large.

We always get together for a family camping and picnic over the 4th of July, along the shore of a lake.  This is me and a couple of our grandchildren. 

Then in early October, the 11th to be exact we had a blizzard, and received 4" of snow.  Not as much as other parts of the state, some very "lucky" farmers received about 28" of heavy wet snow. 
below are 2 of the pictures I took


This is a small Black Walnut

All the rain we recieved this year and the snow caused the fields to be very wet and has made harvest very difficult. 

Also in October we went to 2 concerts, first we have gone to in all the 46  yrs we haev been married.  At the end of September, Farmguy answered a trivia question on the radio and he won tickets to a Mickey Gilley/Johny Lee concert.  It was fun.  A week later he was reading the paper and saw that Miranda Lambert and her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars tour was stopping in Fargo ND.  We were able to get tickets and the date was just a few days after our  Anniversary.  We had a good time at that concert too. 

On November 2 one of my daughters got martried. Below is a picture of our children. 
Left to right: Elizabeth #4 Doctor of Chemistry,
Mary #1 Graphic Artist and para professional for their local school, 
Naomi #6 runs the city and county housing dept, 
Rebecca #5 works in the compliance dept for a multi state bank, 
Joseph #7 works for a national restaurant chain,
Sarah #3 PharmTech in a hosp,
Anna #2 Stockbroker/Financial Advisor.

I am so proud of my kids, they are all silly, succesful, responsible adults who have persevered through good and bad times. They are amazing people and I am glad I know them and am very proud to be there mom. I do not claim any responsibility for how they turned out.  All I did was give them a framework, they did the growing and maturing themselves with God's help. 


  1. Good to see you posting zgsin.

  2. You are very responsible for how they turned out! You are an incredible, intelligent, compassionate human being and that translates more than you know. Handsome group of kids. Congratulations to you all

  3. Wonderful portrait, and yes, you were definitely one of the creators 💖

  4. Your family is beautiful! You must be terribly proud of their success and their love for each other--you can see it by how they're leaning in:)


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