Thursday, February 11, 2021

Got Shot today!

During this last year, while I have not been panicky about Covid, I have been very leary about being out and about.  

I wear a mask  and social distance and order most of our needs online.  I have sewed masks for more than just us, tho not nearly as many as some others. 

We live in North Dakota and are rather proud of our state.  

 One thing we seem to be doing well is getting our citizens vaccinated for Covid. 

There are 400 places around are state that are designated to be able to give the vaccines. 

North Dakota's population in 2019 is  estimated at 756,717   while as of today 147,486 doses have been given.  Nearly 20% of our state's population. 

2 of those doses today were for Farmguy and I. 

We received a call yesterday morning from the medical clinic we go to, letting us know that we were qualified to get the shot if we wished to go online and set up an appointment.

It turned out the qualification was for Farmguy, he is "old(er)" than me and had cancer in the past. 

I was able to get him an appointment for this morning as we were going to be in town on farm business anyway. 

I tried to set up an appointment for me as well, but was told I was "too young".  He He He and for those who don't know me, I do have asthma and have had several bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia in the past. 

Well, I contacted my doc by email and asked if it would be possible to get my shot today as well and heard back late yesterday afternoon that I would be able to get my shot at the same time as Farmguy.

We got the Pfizer shot, so will be getting our 2nd on in 21 days and that has already been set up. 

Yeah! Thanks to all at Essentia Clinic in Wahpeton ND. 

I know that some places are having difficulties with getting the Covid vaccines distributed to people. But I hope that where they are get their act squared away and gets the vaccine out to those that need it. (Hear me Minnesota!)----- my 92 yr old father has gotten the run around more than once trying to get his vaccine shot.

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  1. Glaad you got your shot, here in the UK, we are doing well as 90% plus of the over 70s which includes my husband as he has his jab weeks ago have been done, I got my letter yesterday so now have to wait for an appointment. In fact the UK are doing far better than Europe, they are well behind us and moaning that we are doing so well at doing the japs.
    We are still in lockdown and no idea when we might be seeing our friends or shops reopening, so for now its buying things on line. we are trying to stay safe and order my food online and just collect it as we have underlying illnesses so need to wear a mask and stay away from people, Its been so cold her for the last week or so, so staying in and keeping warm is lovely


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