Monday, September 2, 2013

Sock knitting machine/ Circular Knitting Machine

I am in search of a Circular Knitting Machine, or sometimes known as a Sock Knitter.

It looks similar to this.

If anyone knows of one let me know. 


  1. Never heard of it, if you find one will you post so we can all see it.

  2. I looked for one of those for years! I've seen them in action at craft shows, and they are fascinating. Good luck finding one!

  3. What a cool gadget!

  4. When I do the show at Rollag each year, the gal in the booth next to me has several, and she makes scarves and socks with them. They are very nice. Yes, Margaret, if I find one, I will post about it.
    There are new ones available from a company in New Zealand but I am looking for a used one. Likely they are laying in a box somewhere in someone's attic or basement and they don't know what they have.

  5. There is one on e.bay made by Singer, but not sure it is exactly what you want

    1. Thank you Sally, but no, that one is plastic. I am looking for the older cast iron type.

    2. Okay will look out for one in my travels, sort of guess you didn't want a plastic one!

  6. I looked at some youtubes of sock knitting machines and came up with this name and site. Thought you might find it informative:

    Apparently Legare is a name of machines still being manufactured.

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