Saturday, September 27, 2008

steps 7&8 and more hdtv saga

In my previous post I mentioned that I was getting behind.
Ladyshuttlemaker had already decided to take the weekend off to allow everyone to catch up. Which was really nice of her, but I realize it was actually for my benifit. Go Sherry.
What really helped me was the Presidential debate tonight.
I was able to start and finish step 7

and to start and finish step 8 as well.

I have changed Sherry's pattern twice now. not in any appreciable way, but I didn't like the color dot that occured when doing a lock join with the yellow core thread when doing the pink chains, so I used a Catherine wheel join to eliminate them. I used the Catherne Wheel join in the previous step where the color dot would have shown as well. I like the CW join and it works well is certain situations. If you are un familiar with a CW join, it is the same stitch you use when doing a split chain. You can find the directions on the snowgoose lace shop website

on another note, we have ordered the multi-directional tv antenna that promises to reach more then 70 miles (it better reach 82 miles) to the tv stations that are considered "local" in our area.
I will let you know how it turns out.

Happy tatting

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  1. Great job! I finally got caught up and I will post it tomorrow when the sunlight is just right! LOL! Thanks for the comment on my blog, BTW!


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