Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Looky, Looky what I got!


Dave Stanbrough from Grizzly Mountain Arts has handcarved a shuttle for me out of Purple Celluloid. not only did he sign and date it, he put my initials in it so when I pass it on many years from now, someone will know whose it was. It is very pretty and feels so smooth in my hand.

Here is his website http://www.grizzlymountainarts.com/ His blog is listed to the right. He has an Etsy.com store and also sells on ebay.com

Dave has graciously allowed me to replace my poor picture of this shuttle with one that he took. Now you can see how great it looks.

My digital camera can't get close enough, and the scan above looks like my scanner needed cleaning, but I tried that, so don't know why it looks hazy. Sorry for the poor pic. It looks so much prettier in your hand.

life has been interfering, so have not yet been able to load it and tat. Can't wait!

Happy Tatting



  1. That is a lovely shuttle. I'm glad to see Dave doing the celluloid tatting shuttles in other colors! It's fun! How cool that he put your initials in it!

  2. Lucky you! Dave's shuttles are a joy to tat with... can't wait to see what you make with it!

  3. I am so glad you are enjoying your new shuttle! It was a pleasure to make it for you. Dave

  4. WOW LOOKS as though it's REVED up and ready to race. Like a cool corvette! He makes lovely shuttles. I commissioned a Lady Hoare with scrimshaw and incorporating two thin, round matching agate disks from my Mom's earrings (vintage 1940) It's going to be my anniversary gift to myself. LOL Will be a family heirloom, to the daughter, or grand (daughter or son) who learns to tat! Think bribery!
    It's lovely and you deserve such a nice, racy, shuttle.
    hugs Bev

  5. Hi, I have just received two shuttles from Dave Stanbrough myself. My main computer is down so after I get it back I will post my shuttles. One is shinney and one is more of a flatter look, but I like them both. haven't used them yet, but am going to soon.


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