Tuesday, September 2, 2008

#14 Glass Matt

Here is what I did over the Labor Day weekend.

I would have posted this last night, but we had a thunder and lightning storm and the computer stays off then. We got 2" of badly needed rain out of the storm, so no complaints.

I wrote about the problems that I had with the joins in the posts below.

I have finished the first of 2. This one has purple rings and green chains. I have started the one with green rings and purple chains.

The green thread is Flora size 20 and the purple is Manuela size 20. All together I figure about 33 yards of thread. the finished size is 5.5"

Once I gave up on the joining, it went rather smoothly as long as I paid attention to the number of picots needed in the chains. I retro-tatted more rings and chains on this darn thing. I do not cut out mistakes, I un-stitch them. I almost never have problems opening a ring, so retro-tatting is just time consuming.

I hear that there will be a new TIAS coming soon. Don't know what a TIAS is? Tat It And See. Someone, in this case, Ladyshuttlemaker, develops a pattern and gives out a little bit each day until you are finished. That way you don't know what it is until you are finished. Like a puzzle with no picture to follow.

I believe that I mentioned below that I "went shopping". I bought some clear glass ornaments to tatt covers for to use as Christmas presents. I did some bead shopping as well.

Happy Tatting


  1. Pretty colors! You have very nice, even tension. These swirly patterns sure tend to "scream" uneven tension if a tatter is struggling with that. You've done a nice job with this pattern!

  2. Thats really nice, your joins are perfect. It's on my to-do list and now it has moved up a notch.

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