Thursday, September 11, 2008

T.I.A.S #4 Step 1

Here is my beginning for the 4th Tat It And See. I reserve the right to make a guess at what we are tatting as there is not enough clues right now.

I have done block tatting before, but not this method so it was essentially new to me.

This is the first TIAS that I have participated in. So This will be fun and interesting.

I have committed to demonstrating Tatting at Uff Da Days in Rutland, a town about 20 miles south west from me on October 5. It will be the 4th year I have done so. I really should get my act in gear and demonstrate at other area affairs. I never seem to have enough tatting to showcase at these events. I think I will print out pictures of some of the items that I have tatted and given away to fill out my display. I don't keep much tatting around, it always seems to find another home.

Last night was our monthly fire department meeting. Even tho I am attached as a First Responder, and not a certified fireman, I still needed to get outfitted in Turnout Gear. I got a helmet, the only red one in the squad, and a turnout coat a bit too large, but by turning down the cuffs, I can make do. Pants and boots are a bust, nothing will fit. So will have to see what will need to be done about that. for now, I hope that I will not be needed. I am there for first aid for either victims of fires or accidents, as the nearest ambulance is 15-20 miles away depending on where the problem is in the departments area. My goal is to get enough firemen certified as First Responders so we can man a Quick Response unit.

Happy Tatting


  1. Pretty color! Great job Jeanne.
    Is it o.k. if I put this on the TIAS blog as well?

  2. Hi Sherry,
    Thanks for the compliment, yes, you can post this on the TIAS blog.
    I will be working step 2 tomorrow, it is tooo late tonight.

  3. Your block tatting is very neat and tidy looking. I think that's the best I've seen, yet!

  4. HI Tattingchic,
    thanks for the compliment. we should all be really good at block tatting when we have finished this TIAs. steps 2 & 3 are block tatting too.


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