Wednesday, September 3, 2008

#15 Scrunchie

I usually have a take along project with me going places. the latest one is a tatted scrunchie.

I finished it tonight. I know a young girl who I hope will be happy with it, so wanted to get it done.

I tatted it in size 10 HDT by klmattox. It is fine for a utilitarian thread. and you get a lot of it. which is nice as you don't have to worry about running out.

I based my pattern on a scrunchie posted by . She also mentioned that you do the rings about the rubber band by passing the shuttle through the band while rapping the ring thread around your hand. That was all I needed to get started. I worked out the number of stitches for the rings by trial and error. but it was easy. It took 9ds to make the small rings aroung the band and the larger top rings are 3-3-3-3 I left about 1/4" of space between rings. Basically you are doing a 1 shuttle all ring edging pattern. Even with the size 10 thread, I did 44 sets of rings and used 4 bobbins of thread. I didn't measure the amount of thread that I wound on my shuttle bobbin so can't give you that. I used one of my Silent tatters so the bobbin holds a good deal of thread.
I do know that I can get 9 yards of size 20 thread on a bobbin, so I would think that it took at least 15 yards of thread for the scrunchie.

I am excited about T.I.A.S #4 I have my threads picked out and waiting for the next bit of instructions. to participate in this T.I.A.S go to

I have a rather ambitious project in my head that has been popping up for the last couple of weeks. I have been cogitatting on just how to do it. part of it involves some of the beads that I have ordered. I won't say anymore about it at this time, as I need to get a few more things figured out.
Happy tatting


  1. How cool that you were able to figure out the scrunchie! It looks great. I guess all of the elastic bands have different diameters of width so they will all have different stitch counts. Good job. I am looking forward to the TIAS, too!

  2. Thanks, nice to hear from you, I am glad that you like my work

  3. Beautiful job and I really like the colors. I want to make one of these too but I had no idea they took so much thread.

  4. Hi Sy,
    thanks, I was surprised at how much thread it took as well.
    And I may be off in my estimate.
    I didn't measure all the bobbins that I wound, Just know that I wound 4. and I only measure by arm lengths, but that is pretty close to 1 yard from hand to opposite shoulder.


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