Wednesday, September 17, 2008

chapter 2 in the saga of digital tv

Chapter 2
This morning I ran the set up for the channel search again. The digital box found several more channels.
9-1 through6

Many are repeats of other stations.
After work today, dh and I went back up to the roof, took down the new antenae and added the old antennae pointed in almost the opposite direction, and connected the 2, that was supposed to strenthen the signal.
Tonight, we can get only 6-1,2&3 15-1 and 13-1,2&3 all the rest have no signal, it is partly to mostly cloudy outside.
It looks like if we want some consistancy in reception we will have to invest in a booster. Another thing to take up electricity.
Why oh why does the government think this is a good idea.
All those channels sound like a great idea versus the 4 we used to get, except we can't count on being able to receive any of them at any given time. I refuse to pay for satelite service and cable is out of the question this far out in the country.
Tomorrow, dh is going to go back up on the roof, and see if he can move the direction of the old antenae a bit.

Happy Tatting

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