Sunday, September 14, 2008

T.I.A.S and Challenge

I am posting Motif 16 & 17 for the 25 Motif Challenge and steps 2 & 3 for the TIAS.

Yesterday was our Granddaughter #5's birthday party. They live an hour away. It was a rainy day, and DH wasn't able to do any farming, so he drove which I like, as I could care less about getting behind the wheel, and if he is driving, I can tat. I was able to finish 2 motifs that I had started, but it was a busy day as we had shopping to do as well, so didn't get online last night to post anything so this will be a combo post.

Above is Motif 41 from Patti Duff's Mini Tats in a Manuela size 20 thread. The label has been lost so I don't know what color. I left the tails long, threaded one through a picot and tied the ends so it can be used as an ornament. this is the first thing that I tatted with my GMA purple shuttle. I wasn't too sure about how it turned out, but after wetting and blocking last night, I think it wasn't too bad for tatting on the road.

This is a rosary that I made for a friend of mine at church. It is also size 20 Manuela in colorway 204. This is not blocked, but I usually don't block rosaries, they are intended to be carried in pockets or purses, so I don't feel there is a need for blocking.

I love this color way. There is some left on my shuttles, so I think I will work up a set of earings.

Here are all 3 steps for #4 T.I.A.S. so far Sherry's pattern has lots of block tatting. I think that everyone doing the TIAS will be an expert at block tatting by the time we are finished.

It was very windy today. The last several days have been mostly calm. One of the things we were shopping for yesterday as a new TV antenna for HDTV We have the box, but needed a new antennae as well. We took the old antenna down, and put the new one up during the wind today. not fun on top of the roof, but DH was impatient to get it done. After not falling off the roof, we watched the Vikings lose. The only good thing about that, was I did some more tatting on my companion glass matt. ( see post below with the green & purple motif) This one will be the opposite colors.

Another thing I did tonight was to shorten the sleeves on my turnout coat for the fire department. The smallest one they had pretty much covered my fingers, so after washing it, and hanging it outside to dry, got rained on too, I shortened the sleeves a good 2". Now they won't be in my way so much if I need to actually do first aid at a fire.

midnight. time for bed.
Happy tatting


  1. So glad to see I'm not the only one doing the "medium and "dark" in two different colors!

  2. I just love the rosary. Is the pattern your own, and were I could find/buy it?

  3. Hi Tattingchic, I don't have that many color choices in single colors (lots of varigated) in size 20, so am curious as to how it will turn out when we are all done.
    Fani - yes, the pattern is mine. you can email me off blog at (change the # to @) There is no cost, I give my pattern freely as I feel that rosaries should not be for profit.


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