Thursday, October 2, 2008

step 9 and hdtv

just a short quick note.
I have changed my title above, I used the website to format the font for the title.
hope you like it. Gina introduced it on her blog.

I haven't posted lately as I have been quite busy with non-tatting items and a very big tatting project that I can't show or talk about as it is meant for someone who reads this blog from time to time.

The non-tatting items, include bowling on Monday nights, Tuesday working on the lesson that I taught on Wednesday to the CCD class of 8th graders. I was able to tat a bit tonight and hopefully catch up the TIAS tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday will be taken up with normal housework and getting my tatting display and other items ready for the tatting demonstration at Rutland's Uff Dah dayz on Sunday.

Here is step 9 for the TIAS 4, it is still a puzzle.

on the subject of HDTV, the new antenna came today.

DH is busy combining beans, and the crew that will erect the new bin was here late today prepping the site to pour concrete tomorrow. So I don't know if we will be getting the antenna up right away.

Happy tatting



  1. Yours turned out nicely. I think I need to go press mine, it's all scrunchity uppity...LOL!

  2. You've been playing too. (giggle) Love your new title!

  3. What is it going to be? Only 3 more to go!

  4. I'm enjoying looking at everyone's progress on the TIAS... can't wait to see what it is! I love your new title!


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