Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hi All,
The 4th T.I.A.S is finished and here is my version. I am also counting this as #18 of my 25 Motif Challenge.
And to top it off, I was right. Sherry has announced that it is a lighthouse bookmark. A couple of weeks ago near the beginning of this process I emailed a guess to Ladyshuttlemaker that what we were making was a lighthouse as the 2 clues she gave were - Knotical and Illuminating.
She didn't let anyone know if they had the right anwer until now.
my lighthouse is a bit lopsided as it is not blocked yet. I was in too much of a hurry to get it posted to spend the time to wet it and wait for it to dry, or to steam it and wait for it to cool. I only use the steam method if it needs just a bit of blocking, the lighthouse bookmark above needs a lot of blocking so I will get it wet, roll it in a towel to remove any excess moisture, then lay it out on my blocking board, pin it into shape and let it dry.
my blocking board is a piece of 1" thick styrofoam isulating board covered with an old piece of white cotton sheeting.
This serial tatting puzzle was fun. It is the first one that I have done, but I will be waiting for the next one to show up. Jane Eborall has done the other 3, I wonder who will do the next?
Friday I am taking off work to go to the next largest town for a conference for Directors of Religious Ed for church and then attend at least some if not all of the Marian Eucharistic Congress. What a blessing to be able to attend these events. Because of getting ready for this trip and being gone most of the weekend, I don't expect to get much of any tatting done until next week. I will take a project with me, the last time I attended a Marina Eucharistic Congress, I did some tatting during some of the speechs. I can focus on what they are saying much easier if my fingers are busy, and tatting rosaries is so easy.
Happy Tatting


  1. I've taken a hair dryer to my pinned pieces on the board. They dry really fast that way!

  2. Great job on your lighthouse bookmark! I finished mine last night, gonna post it today. Happy Tatting!

  3. Your tatted lighthouse looks great! I was stumped right up to the very last day, LOL!


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