Thursday, October 23, 2008

more, more, gimme more

My mailman brought me some goodies today. Clyde the mad tatter (see his link to the right) was talking about how he feels about HDT and I certainly understand his feelings. I have a problem resisting HDT myself. I really need to tat my little fingers off to use it all up.

I found another seller on offering HDT thread -

#1 is size 10 in a rainbow colorway.
#2 is I think size 20
#3 is also size 20
#4 is I think a size 30

I really like the colors and the thread feels nice in my fingers. The scan doesn't do the colors justice. the background is actually a sheet of white printer paper, not gray or blue. so the colors are a bit skewed

I am looking forward to using this thread.

The weather here lately has been absolutely soggy. rain, rain, rain, we got the soybeans combined, but the corn is just sitting there not getting dry enough to combine and it is getting later and later in the season, we sould be half done or better by now. A freeze won't help, we need some dry weather to get the crops in the bin. The ground is so wet, the fields are just mud, some places the corn is standing in water. I am sure that God has his reasons, maybe it will be very dry next year and the only good thing is all the moisture that is being stored in the ground this fall, or maybe not.

happy tatting


  1. Oh, NO!!! ANOTHER dealer of HDT? No, and you just HAD to go and show us the link and the HDT, didn't you. ;)

  2. Hi Tattingchic, exactly what I said when I found her. but what the heck, can't ever have enough beauty in the world.
    have a very tatty day.

  3. :( I want some... Wish I would win the lotto LOL they are so pretty. I am drooling again. :)

  4. Hi Heather,
    I wish that too, then I can buy tatting thread and not have to go to work.

  5. Oh, Oh. Another supplier of HDT. Your new stash looks nice and I look forward to seeing what you make with it.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful plug. I hope you enjoy tatting with you new threads.

    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of what you create with them.

    Hint, hint, I have two 50 gallons worth of thread I have dyed in the past year to get listed.

  7. Hi Clyde, Thanks for the kind words.
    Hi Denise, Wow. did I read that right? 100 gallons of thread? or did you mean 2 5 gallons of thread?
    either way, that is a lot. hurry, get it posted! I'm sure that it will go quick. Let me know and I will spread the word among the tatters

  8. Yes, Lady Tats you read that right fifty gallon totes, the big Rubbermaid ones.

    One that is all skeined up, I need to take more pictures an the other needs to be skeined.

    I should have size 20 and 30 listed in the next couple weeks.

    Thanks for the compliments and spreading the word.

  9. You're so good at this kind of stuff; it's amazing!

    Rain at home, still eh? I talked to dad and he said the same thing: "ick". I don't see many people out combining down here either.


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