Tuesday, November 11, 2008

#8 !

Here is a picture of grandbaby #8.
Matthew William
8lbs, 8oz
born 11/10/08
All are doing well.

I have not posted for a whiles because all tatting that I am doing is for Christmas presents, and the recipients might check this blog, so no pics for a while.

I have also been busy with the new grandchildren.
Izabell Rose was baptized this past Sunday. and now
Matthew has been born.
I am at my daughter's babysitting the 2 older children for a couple of days until she comes home and I will stay for at least 1 day. Then back again this weekend to help while her husband finishes getting the deer he shot last weekend into the freezer.

Happy Tatting to all.


  1. Congratulations! He looks so healthy!

  2. Wow! Another beautiful grandchild! Congrats....again!


  3. HI Ladies,
    Thanks for the nice comments.
    He is coming home this afternoon, so his older sister Lily (4) and brother Ben (2) will have more fun holding him.

  4. Oh, What a beautiful baby! He's an adorable addition to your family! :) Congratulations!!

  5. He's beautiful. You must be so happy, congratulations.

  6. Hi tattingchic and tatskool
    thanks for the nice comments.

  7. What a wonderful, healthy boy! over eight pounds; give Mom a hearty hug from me, that's a job well done. My 20-year old Grandson, Chris, called today (it is his birthday and we finally caught up with one another at his college near Santa Barbara) He was a 12 lb boy, came almost grown! Grands bring such joy to our lives and I know they've kept me young at heart. God Bless. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    bev aka Ridgetatter

  8. HI BJ,
    congrats to the grandson.
    grandchildren are special, we can now spend time with them instead of just raising them.

  9. Congratulation with the grandchildren.

  10. Bet you're busy now with the beautiful new addition!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Congratulations!! How adorable!

    I can't believe my newest grand daughter is already almost 3 months old!!! They just grow too fast. I thought my kids grew fast!

    Congratulations again on such a cutie!!!

  12. I hope you begin blogging again soon....I miss your work and YOU.
    I know 'life happens,' but I'm impatient! LOL
    X Bev


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