Monday, July 28, 2008

major bummer

Hello All,
I am just plain bummed. The following would normally be a topic for my private blog on yahoo 360, but tonight I think it needs to be more public.
I can not believe the nerve of some people. on a tatting email list that I belong too some of the members started to get very personal off topic and now several including the list mom have been slammed and their feelings have been hurt to the point that list mom has scheduled the close of the list.
I have learned so much from all the wonderful tatters on the list. I have no other tatters any where close, the only place I have found is on the 'net.
I am hoping that a solution maybe found and the list will not have to close.
It seems to me that if you want to say something that is divisive - topics that cause strong feelings such as religion or politics that you would know to make your point on your blog, not on an email group list dedicated to tatting, that is just wrong.
I am so peeved! I am a very strong Catholic, and I work very hard to practice tolerance and patience and to remember that only God can judge not me. I try to practice the Gift of Wisdom that I received in Confirmation and see the good (God) in everyone. So many forget that the person is not the behavior.
Please remember to love the person even if you don't agree with their behavior or what they said. Do not make personal attacks, everyone is made in the image and likeness of God and is therefore worthy of respect.
Time to let this go and do a little praying for guidance.
Happy tatting

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