Sunday, August 3, 2008

motif #6 & 7

Up first is another try at Martha Ess's Dragon Paprika. I am pleased with this try. The joins are closer and the face came out better and I was right if you do the face in one pass instead of putting it down while doing it, it works out much better. I used the left over thread on my shuttles from the first one I did and ended up finger tatting with the last 6” from shuttle 1 and 8” from shuttle 2. I would not have been a happy camper if I had needed to add thread at the very end. The thread that I used is a nice saturated red, but this scan still looks brown. I left off most of the beads as this is to go to a 3 yr old boy who is into NASCAR and other busy stuff.

The second motif finished today is a fairy. This fairy is going to the 5 yr old sister of the dragon boy.

This is a pattern by Jane Eborall, This was done in size 10 J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen. It is a crappy thread for tatting but the only thread that I had in a varigated color way in a size that I wanted to use. The beads for the skirt are white pearls and the beads for the wing are 12/0 lustered beads both from
I had a spot of trouble and had to cut and add thread when I started the wing. I had counted the beads for the skirt wrong and had an extra, I tried to take the easy way out by smashing the bead with a pliers but cut one strand of the thread and it wanted to shred, so had to cut out the damaged part and add the rest of shuttle 1 back in.
As for the amount of thread used in this fairy, I had wound about 4-5 yards on both bobbins for my Silent Shuttles. And having to cut out the damaged part and to cut and tie at the end of the wand and start and end the legs, I had about 1-2 feet left on my shuttles. My measurements are not exact because it is about 3' if I hold the end of the thread in my right hand, stretch my right arm out all the way and measure the thread to the left shoulder.

Gale Marshall's site has a lot of good stuff for tatting. She even offers additional time at $75,000.00/hour however she is sold out at the moment. I have been saving up my pocket lint to buy some time, but it looks beyond my reach at any time soon.

I ordered some more HDT threads this week, I can't wait until they come. When they do, I will post a pic of them.

The first football game of the season is on and it is only 9 p.m. So I will see if I can get a pair of earings done yet tonight, that will give me one more thing on my list. By the time I decided what thread and beads to use and found the hoops that I wanted to mount the tatting in, and wound the skein of thread on a spool, it ended up being 10 so I will work on the earrings tomorrow. I am planning on using the earing pattern from Nancy Tracy's Her earrings were patterned for a 1.25” hoop. My hoops are 1.75” so I will need to adjust the pattern. Her's used only 2 rows but I am thinking that 3 might work better, although if I make the space threads longer using beads I may be able to get by with 2 rows.

The thread that I am going to use, is a varigated green I picked up at Nordic Needle in Fargo. The tag on the thread says #239 (color number) and the other side says LEAH'S. I just checked their website and it is a pearl cotton size 8 but it is a crisper pearl cotton then the DMC threads. It feels and tats up smoother . Has anyone had any experience with this thread?
Happy Tatting


  1. As usual, your tatting looks great! I haven't seen any of them lately. You should bring some the next time we meet up! (Which we should also do soon!)

  2. Hi Becca, Thanks for taking a look, yes, we do need to get together soon. I never seem to have any of my tatting, it always heads to another home almost right away. The dragon and fairy left for their new home this morning. So I don't know what I would have to show you.

  3. I love Martha Ess's 'Paprika the Dragon', but got frustrated with trying to hide my ends in that tiny, floppy tail. So I now start with the tip of the tail, moving on to the belly (by way of a couple split rings) and following Martha's pattern from there. I find it works much better for me.

    I think you did a great job on Paprika. Even in "scanned brown" instead of red he looks good.

  4. Thanks Michelle,
    your method of starting sounds interesting. I will have to take a look at it.
    I didn't have a problem with hiding ends - I did tie an overhand knot with then ends before using the magic thread trick to pull them inside, otherwise the core thread would just slide back on itself.
    happy tatting


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