Friday, August 8, 2008


Hi All, On Here-Be-tatters we have decided to participate in the
Olympics of tatting.
There are several events that include:
Ornaments All Around
Snowflake Slalom
800 Meter Dash
Bookmark Bobsled
Motif Marathon
Tally Ho Clunies
Freestyle Edging
Jewelry Jumping
Synchronized Snowflakes
Technical Figure Skating
And An open event for any other tatting plans

I have entered the Tally-Ho Cluny event.
to the right is my first attempt at a motif that includes clunies. There was a Vikings football game on the tv tonight, so had much tatting time while watching the game.
I definately need work on getting my clunies even, but tonights effort was just to get comfortable with the loom weave on my hand and the I think that I have gotten much more comfortable with clunies on the whole.
While my clunies need more practice to get even, in my hast to get this done and posted, can you find the mistake in the outer rings? I will be working this motif a couple more times as it is easy and yet gives a good number of clunies for practice. I didn't hide the ends, I turned them into a hanger so I can use it as an ornament.
this motif is from Georgia Seitz's website and it was designed by Saundra Hameed for the 2001 classes.

I felt that I was under a handicap tonight, there is a dead mouse in my house. And in between tatting I spent a good chunk of time tearing most of my bedroom apart, moveing dressers and other furniture trying to find the stinky thing. Turns out it is in the cold air return duct. DH took the cover off but there is no way to reach it. Yuck! I may sleep on the couch in the living room tonight.

I am also a bit stressed, grandchild #7 is due in about 5 weeks, but DD started contractions on wednesday again off and on until yesterday when the docs got it stopped. This is the second time, but at least she is much closer this time. She is now on bed rest, so if DH doesn't need me for combining wheat this weekend, after the funeral for a friends mother tomorrow, I will be heading 90 miles to watch my grandson while DD stays in bed.

This is motif #10 for the 25 motif challenge.

Happy tatting


  1. Important things first: I pray a safe trip for you and that DD does just fine and gets her bedrest.
    Secondly, is there a bunny hopping about the outer ring? You said to find the mistake but all I found was a wee bunny.
    My silliness is due to the fact that it is wayyyy
    past my bedtime; but, I decided to come visit you. I can sleep any old time, right?

  2. Hi BJ,
    well, I hadn't seen the bunny until you mentioned it. yes, that is the mistake, I joined to the wrong picot, but now that you have shown me a new way to look at it, I am thinking that I will change the motif so that it has bunnies hopping all around the outside.
    Thanks for the idea
    happy tatting

  3. Love the cluny/split ring motif. I think that Wally is so clever coming up with all those tatting events.

  4. Jeanne, you've done a great job on your first clunies - so nice and fat and well-shaped. If you hadn't said they were your first I wouldn't have known. Best of luck to you and your DD for a healthy new baby. Mimi

  5. Thank you Mimi,
    my most challenging part of clunies is to keep all the weaving smooth. it looks good on your hand, but when you close the cluny, you can end up with a weave or 2 sticking out the side more then you want.

  6. What helps me avoid (some, anyway LOL) those stick-out weaves: I pack down the weaves together as I go, so there's less compacting that occurs when I close the leaf. When I see that I have one out too far, I can adjust before I do my next weave. I pull on the shuttle to make it shorter, or on the loom thread nearest to pull it out a little.... Mimi

  7. Hi Mimi,
    thanks for the advice, I had pretty much figured out that was what was needed, but last night as I was doing a 15 weave, I was thinking that I needed to email you and check just what you do to get yours looking so smooth. I also think that I am closing them too tightly so that they pack down too much. I will have to do a bit more practice before my final entries. Thanks again for the advice.


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