Thursday, August 28, 2008

Motif #13

The motif above is #13 of the 25 Motif challenge. I worked on this while babysitting this past weekend. It was easier to put down and pickup then a cluny motif for the Tat-Olympics which is why I had to drop out of the Tally-Ho Cluny competition.
The pattern was recently offered on a blog it is titled Tatted Daisy by Mrs. W.M. Odum.
I tatted it in Cebelia size 30 color light blue #747. next time I make this, I will try to get the overlaying chains even so the "petals" have better looking curves.
My son in law asked if I could make it larger. I presume you could as all the curves are just 2 ds larger then the row below. I would not want to make the overlaying chains any longer then they are, so may have to make a 2nd set of petals set further out. hmmm a double daisy or maybe a dahlia?
I have picked out my next motif to use the Sue Hanson thread posted below.
I have also found an inexpensive yarn swift to use in unwinding skeins of HDT threads.
Happy Tatting

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