Wednesday, August 6, 2008

angels motifs 8 & 9

I needed an angel for a gift tomorrow, so sat down tonight and tatted these angels. The pattern is one of Nancy Tracy's from
The first is a rayon thread. I do not have the tag any more, so have no idea the name of the thread or the size but do know that I picked it up at Nordic Needle in Fargo ND. they are on the web so check them out.
The second one is an HDT in size 10 that I bought on ebay from klmattox it is a nice color way.

I had some trouble with the double picots for the wings on the angels. the rayon wanted to twist so after finishing it, I wet it down and pinned it out. it is still a bit wet, so will go back on the styrofoam board to finish blocking. I think that I will need to wet the cotton one too and pin it out. the wings want to twist on that one as well, but I let the shuttle dangle and straighten out the twist in the thread a bit before making the picot so they are straighter.

This is a nice quick pattern. The rayon one took me about 40 minutes and the cotton one about 35, so it works up quick. The only technique that might not be familiar to beginners would be the double picots, but Nancy explains a bit about how to do them in the pattern and for further information you can look up Mark Meyers site or do a google search for double picots and find some good information, or simply ask the Here-Be-tatters email group for help.

Here is some of the HDT that I bought this past week. The first scan is of thread from Marilee Rockley, Yarnplayer arts, you can find her on Etsy. Thread #1 is called Vibrato it is size 10. #2 is called Summer Trail, it is a Pearl cotton size 10/2. #3 is called Nectarine and is a Linen 30/2. #4 is called Lavender and is a size 80

The second scan is of thread from Linda Mattox, klmattox on ebay. these are center pull balls of size 10 crochet thread. The blue color way is the thread that I used for the angel above.

Happy tatting

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