Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more Thread

The scan above is 2 skeins of HDT in size 20 Hakelgarn thread by Ladyshuttlemaker. A brand that I have not tried before.

The yellow is called Pear Glacé and the gorgeous purple and green is named for Sue Hanson; Here-Be-Tatters list grandmom.

my mouth waters when looking at the Sue Hanson, I am waiting for inspiration as to just what I should do with it. I have so many ideas percolating for the many HDT threads that I have picked up lately. not to say that the commercial threads don't inspire me, because they do, I have many projects in my head, just not enough time to get them done.

as for UFO's, I promised our children, my husband, and myself crocheted afghans - I have 5.5 of the 9 done. and the youngest graduated from high school 5 years ago. I really need to finish those, but I have trouble crocheting with yarn during warm weather as my hands start to sweat and the tension gets out of whack. Tatting, however, is a year round craft

I hope God grants me many more years so that I can accomplish all I would like. However, His will not mine is the one I'll go by.

Happy Tatting



  1. Welcome to HDTA. For me, not only am getting from Sherry but also HDTing to do practice runs before using all the silk HDTs coming soon from Sherry.

  2. Your new thread looks beautiful! I look forward to seeing what beautiful things you make with it!


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