Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tally-Ho Cluny Entry

This is my first official entry in the Here-Be-Tatters Tat-Olympics in the Tally-Ho Cluny event.

It is also motif # 12 for the 25 Motif Challenge.

This is tatted from size 20 Silk HDT called Rainbow Sherbet from LadyShuttleMaker. I liked working with this thread, other then I must have twisted it when taking it out of the skein and winding it on an old thread spool.
(by the way, does anyone know where I can get empty thread spools? I like to use them for leftovers and for thread that comes in a skein. )

I did change a few of the stitch counts on purpose to lay better for me, but did also make a mistake on the second side. The reason for the stitch count changes came about because I tatted the butterfly first in a larger throw away thread to make sure that I understood the directions. After blocking, I decided that I needed to make a couple of changes to make it lay better. I am happy with the changes that I made, just not the mistake. If any one needs the changes, let me know and I can tell you what they are.

I am on pins and needles tonight. I got a call from DD#6, she is in the hospital at least for observation if not actual labor for the birth of her daughter. This little girl will be our 7th grandchild. she is 3 weeks early but has already threatened 3 times before with popping out early. At this point the doctor's will allow nature to take it's course and not stop contractions. I am praying that all goes well despite Isabelle being early. we have been very blessed as a family. this will be the 4th grandchild born early. Isabelle's older brother Ivan who is now 6 was 7.5 weeks early, Morgan who is 7 was 6 weeks early and her younger sister, Eden was 5 weeks early. While they all ended up in NICU, all were near or above 5lbs. had no major breathing troubles, and were released to go home in less then 2 weeks. All are doing very well, some possible hyperactivity, but nothing major.

grandbaby #8 is due in November.

I missed one extra curricular activity in the post below. I am on the finance committee for the Tri-State Emergency Response Team that is just getting started. We have no funds in the kitty yet so we will have to do our best to bring in the funds. The first meeting for the committee is tomorrow night, there are only 3 of us on the committee, so hopefully we will be able to work together very well. The Emergency Response Team is a group of people affiliated with either an ambulance or other ems squad or a fire department. we are trying to get together a list of people and equipment that will be able to respond to disasters in our Tri-state area.

I tried something new tonight. I went into all the set up area's in layout and settings last night and found out that I can email my blog entry to the blog. That will save time and frustration, as I can spend time writing it and editing it without having to be online to do so. The only thing that doesn't work right is a picture, I then have to come into my blog and add the picture, not that big a problem and not all that time comsuming either. I had set the click box so that the posting will go directly into my blog, but I think that I will go back in and set it so it goes into drafts, that way I can add a photo and make any last minute changes before posting it.

Happy Tatting



  1. The butterfly is beautiful with a perfect thread and color choice IMHO.
    Hope everthing goes well with GB#7 and your daughter.
    Also much success with the Emergency Response Team .... these are so important to communities.

  2. Your butterfly is beautiful and your clunies look nice and even.

  3. Thanks Norma and Clyde,
    I appreciate your comments and the time you took to check out my blog.
    Thanks for coming and come again.



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