Sunday, July 27, 2008

stacked crosses bookmark

this is the first attempt at this bookmark.
While I was mending Father's alb today, a bookmark was running around in my head. This is the first attempt at what I am calling stacked crosses.
this is not yet blocked nor is it finalized. It is tatted in one pass from top to bottom using split rings.

I will have to let this design perculate for a bit as I am not completely satisfied at how it turned out.

the lopsided split rings may look better when it is blocked I hope.

I realize that the scan is a bit hard to see with yellow thread against a white background. I should have taken the time to dig out a darker colored paper to use as a background.

since this isn't a final usable design I am not submitting it for the 25 motif challenge.

Happy Tatting


  1. I'd love to see it done in three shades of the same colour going from the darkest on the bottom to the lightest on the top. Maybe even 3 variegated shades like brown, orange and yellow. I know that defeats the whole point of working it all in one piece, but I think it would make a good bookmark enve better.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    you have a very good idea. I agree that changing colors would defeat the purpose of one pass, but I was not happy with how the lopsided split rings turned out, although I hadn't bloked it, so that might have changed if I had done that. I will have to investigate my thread stash to see if I have a series of threads that would work. If not, well there you go another reason for more thread :) vbg


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