Wednesday, July 23, 2008

paprika the dragon

This dragon is based on Marth Ess's Dragon Paprika. It was tatted in Aida size 10 color 47 which is a nice deep red unlike the picture which looks like it is brown. The beads are 10/0 rochaille.

I wanted to tat this dragon for my 3 yr old nephew (I taught his dad to tat a couple of weeks ago.) , but didn't think this active NASCAR loving little boy would appreciate too many beads, so only used the one for the eye and added the one for the nostril, however, I didn't pay enough attention to the picture of the pattern and my picots are too big. Also I got interupted a couple of times right in the middle of the tricky chains and had a heck of a time trying to get them to go the right way and to know which shuttle I should be using. I think that there must be an easier way to get the chains to go the way you need them to. I will have to do it again. Since this little boy loves NASCAR so much, does anyone know of a car pattern to tat?

I am thinking that I will need to make another dragon for his older sister, but that one will be a "girly" color with beads.
I started this one this morning before going to work, did a bit on it during lunch time, and finished it tonight. All told about an hour and a half. I used Jane Eborall's posted method of adding beads instead of stringing them on the thread when winding the shuttle. that works much better for me and I have actually used it before, and I am glad that now it doesn't seem like cheating.
Happy tatting

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  1. I really like the dragon and you did it so quickly. I don't have Martha's pattern, but might have to get it. I have Karey Solomon's book and haven't braved that yet. I also do front side/back side tatting and think it makes a world of difference. I too love Jane's method of adding beads.


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