Thursday, July 24, 2008

mini doily and 25 motif challenge

Hello all,

I have joined Sharon Brigg's 25 motif challenge. if you aren't familiar with this, you agree to tat 25 motifs during a years time. Sharon has generously allowed me to back date my committment to this challenge and will accept the 5 tatted items now posted on this blog, because of that I will date my year from the 1st of June 2008. Wish me good tatting as I work my way through this.
Tonight is the last of the tatted items that I will move from my previous blog. It was originally posted on 06/27/08. this miniature doily I tatted for a friend of mine to congratulate her for quiting Smoking. She loves little things so I thought that a miniature doily would be just the thing. The first 2 rounds are Sharon Brigg's M10 from her book Transitions in Tatting Flat to Floral and then I added another round so it is about 3" in dia. I used antique thread Daisy size 20 by Lily Mills. I didn't notice until now that I scanned it from the backside.

Yes, I tat front/backside. it seems very logical to me as I can see the differences. so when I teach that is how I teach, but do tell my students that it is alright to simply enjoy the process and not worry about the front or back side.

I have a tatting book review to bring over from my previous blog to close out the items that I am moving over.
Happy tatting


  1. Love your new blog look! What a special gift for a special friend!

  2. Thanks Norma,
    I am glad that you stopped to take a look.

  3. That is a very special gift. If she managed to stop smoking she deserves something special - in addition to better health! You are a good friend.

  4. lovely piece of tatting. Nice to meet another tatting blogger out there!

  5. Thanks Tattycat and Tattingchic,
    I enjoyed making it. She was very excited when she opened.


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