Sunday, July 20, 2008

In answer to several requests for the pattern for my rosary, I wrote it up quickly tonight. it is in the shortened version that I use for myself. If you need help, let me know.
2008 Rosary Pattern
by Jeanne Lugert (ladytats) NATA #39 ( change the # to @)
R= ring
SR = split ring
CL = close ring
LCH = lock stitch chain
- = very small joining picot
+ = join
Sh# = shuttle 1 or shuttle 2
RW = reverse work
[X#] = number of repeats
CTM = Continuous Thread Method
size 20 thread
Wind approxamately 6 yds on shuttle 1 and 5yds on shuttle 2 CTM
Starting at the bottom of the cross,
SR 8/8 CL,
SR 7-1/7-1 CL,
SH1 R 1+14-1 CL, RW
SH2 R 1=14-1 CL, RW
SR1+7/1+7 CL
SR 8/8 CL
SR 8/8 CL [X3]
SR 8- (lay in magic thread)8/(lay in magic thread)8 CL [yes, this is a lopsided ring]
*SR 8/8 CL [X10]
LCH 4* Repeat for 5 decades.
Cut threads about 6” from end of last LCH and join to picot (tie ends around together in a knot) in large ring. Hide ends using magic threads
I used to use a regular chain instead of the lock stitch chain, but it had a tendancy to curve and I like the look of the LCH in this pattern.
The above stitch count is the one that I used for a man's rosary, for a women's, I have cut the stitch count to 6 instead of 8 for rings and used 3 for the LCH, but you don't need to. The basic stitch count can be increased or decreased as you please depending on the look you want or the size of the thread.
Also I have added picots to the sides of the Our Father rings, and to the cross.
I have added beads or used a blending filament for sparkle. Have fun, and if you have any questions, let me know.



  1. The rosary is very pretty. I am going to print the pattern and try it. I made several years ago from another pattern and gave them away. Now I need to make one for me. I'm not of the Catholic faith, but I think anyone who wants to can benefit from praying the rosary.

  2. Thanks Tattycat and I agree, the rosary is such a lovely way to concentrate on the gospel and the life of Jesus.


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