Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trefoil bookmark/Edging

I was doing some cleaning over the weekend, and came across this bookmark that I started several years ago. I was using up some thread that I had on shuttles and I remember having to figure out how many of the small rings to make to match the cloverleaves.

so I don't think that I was following a pattern.

it is all single shuttle work, there are no chains.
A single pass would make a nice edging.
If anyone can point me in the direction of a previously printed pattern, I will say thanks, if not, then I will work up the pattern and post it on my patterns blog.

Since this is several years old and not finished as I ran out of thread on the shuttles, I will not be counting this for my 25 motif challenge.


  1. Now that has to be one of the most interesting one shuttle patterns I have ever seen. I love it. Please do share it!

  2. Hi Steph, I will write it up and diagram it in a few days once I know that it hasn't been done before.

    HI TattingChic,
    They are good colors. Thanks

  3. Just fantastic and I would love the pattern...I havent seen one like it before and one especially that is tatted with one shuttle
    Joy in OZ (Australia)

  4. I love it i dont think i have ever seen that before great colors

  5. That looks GORGEOUS- can't wait to see/get/use the pattern!

    THANK YOU so much!

  6. Hi JoyMac, Thanks for stopping by, I will get the pattern ready in the next few days, I want to test tat a few repeats first.

    Thanks Ginny W, glad you liked it.

    Hi Jeannette, nice to see you.

    Hi LadyDoc, just a few more days to wait (unless grandbaby #9 shows up, then all bets are off cuz I will be babysitting the 2 older siblings for a while)

  7. Have I missed your pattern on this beautiful - one shuttle book mark? I have been watching for it.


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