Monday, September 7, 2009

# 5 on the list

this is #5 for this 25 motif challenge. It is tatted in Manuela size 20 color # 210 and the beads are silver lined clear delicas.
because this is a first, I have named it Incipient Snowflake.

I am rather proud of this as it is the first design that I drew out with software before tatting and it worked. well mostly. It cupped a bit but then that was to my advantage as I am actually aiming for an ornament drape instead of a flat snowflake, but with blocking it does lay flat. Since this was a trial, I didn't put as many beads on it as I will for a drape. I have found some changes that I want to make and have designed a second one. that I think will do more for what I need it for.
I will be putting this pattern on my patterns blog possibly tonight.


  1. Great job! You're off to a good start!

  2. Nice work figuring out how to use that software to design patterns. I downloaded it and it just drove me crazy! I like seeing people's ideas come to life. I have to stick to the old fashion way of paper and pencil. LOL!

  3. Nice snowflake. You did a good job. The colors are pretty, too! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. HI Gina, Thanks, I am trying, I like working from diagrams over words, so wanted to be able to diagram my patterns.
    Hi Imoshen, This software is easier then the other ones I have tried.
    Hi Chicky, I bought a 2nd ball of this colorway when Manuela quit making them cuz I love the pastels


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