Wednesday, September 23, 2009

more then 1 subject for this post

I did it, I bought myself something and it isn't even my birthday.
I have no other reason then I wanted it.
is that bad reason? I have 8 Silent tatters I think, or maybe more. I love them, they are the best shuttles, I don't know why I ever try any others. You can buy them from Roseground in the UK
I also did some tatting this evening, I wanted to test tat one more design from the Design-Tat class so chose Krystle's design.
The pattern worked well but my tatting leaves something to be desired. I made 1 major mistake and didn't exicute the climb out from round 1 to round 2 very well.
I used the same thread for this motif as I did for Miranda's because that was on the shuttles. The varigated is a Manuela size 20 and the green is a Flora Size 20
I plan on having a very good weekend, so if you don't hear from me until next week, don't be too worried about it.
What's that you ask? What am I doing?
I am going to go pick up my oldest granddaughter on friday night and then travel to my youngest daughter's to visit with her and help with a rummage sale, or babysit her other children while she gives birth to our newest grandbaby. Baby isn't due until October 8, but her midwife says any day, any minute so we will see what happens. So I will be enjoying at least 3 of my grandchildren or maybe 4 this weekend.


  1. I have a Silent Tatter, but haven't tried it out yet. I guess I should!

    The motif looks great! There sure are some terrific designs coming out of that class!

  2. Haven't heard of a Silent tatter before but may have to try it.

    Since I know nothing about this climbing out of which you speak (which is a paraphrase from some movie but I can't remember which one), I cannot see whatever it is you call a mistake. To me, the motif looks wonderful!


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