Wednesday, September 30, 2009

an apology

I apologize to all of you waiting for the pattern for the Trefoil bookmark.
I had said I would get it published this week. That was before I realized that I will need to be gone for 2 days.
I have an EMS conference to attend on friday and saturday. I am leaving tomorrow afternoon and haven't been able to finish the pattern and the testing.

EMS = Emergency Medical Service I am a First Responder with our local village fire department.


  1. Have a safe trip Jeanne... I cant wait to see the pattern :) take your time I am sure its not a problem :)

  2. Wow, that is wonderful that you are a First Responder with the fire department! A true hero, who also tats - how cool is that!!! Very, VERY cool!!!

  3. Thank you ladies for your understanding.
    I came back from the conference and got sick, I am still not 100% so am getting further behind.


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