Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the Winner Is.......

Hello Everyone,

today is the drawing for the Shuttle, Box and the added screwdriver and bobbin winder.

There are 35 individual comments.

I went to to use their random number generator

The 13th individual commenter is Tatskool.

Thank you to all who left a comment on my post.


  1. Congrats to Tatskool!

    What'd she win??? I am so out of the online loop lately, LOL!

    ~TattingChic :) ♥ (:

  2. I CAN"T BELIEVE THIS!!! How could I have been so lucky. Thanks Ladytats, I will be watching for the postman again!

  3. How nice for her! You sure are generous for sharing, and I would like to say Thank You for doing this.

  4. Hi Chicky, she won the shuttle with box and winding tools from my 100th post give away

    HI Miss Anthrope, one of these days it will be your turn

    Congrats TAtskool

    Hi Imoshen, your welcome, you never know what I might be up to

  5. Wow, congratulations to Tatskool! This was an exciting and enjoyable giveaway.

    And I love that 13 was the lucky number!

  6. I figured you would know how to do it-- you are an all-around domestic goddess... you should teach a college class for silly girls like me :P How to make bread (without blowing up a bread machine), how to put together a garden, how to sew/knit/tat/crochet... you have some very lucky girls, Mrs Lugert!

  7. We do have a cool Mom!
    She knows - almost - everything ;-)


  8. Thank you Miss Anthrope,

    and a very sincere Thank you to you Sarah, I didn't know you checked my blog. How is the racing going?

  9. I will keep trying. Beautiful present. Congratulations to the winner.

    Alba Alicia
    Tijuana B. C.



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