Friday, September 18, 2009

Meandering Path

I have decided to name the motif I designed for the Design-Tat class, Meandering Path.

I have posted the diagram on my patterns blog, the link is to the right.

I will try to get the diagram for the Threes Snowflake posted soon. by the way, Heather caught a mistake in my written pattern, I have corrected it, so Thank you Heather.


  1. I really like this motif so pretty. Not a problem on catching that little boo boo, I love the snowflake pattern too it tatted up real quickly LOVE IT!!! Cant wait to try the new one maybe later though :)

  2. I like the name Meandering Path. It fits this motif perfectly!

  3. That is a really pretty one-- I think it's my favorite one yet. Do you ever go to craft shows and show off your creations?

  4. I like this pattern, A LOT, well done. You obviously ARE a designer! Lovely diagram.

  5. Hi Heather, I am still working on the homework for the design-tat class so haven't gotten to the size 80 earings yet, will try to get them done over the weekend.

    Hi Diane, Thank you

    HI Miss Anthrope, I have gone to a couple of craft sales, but prefer to go to places where I just demo tatting and try to raise interest and get students to learn.

    Hi Tatskool, Thanks I would like to be a better designer, I have done a few things and now that I am learning how to use designing software, there are some patterns that I will be bringing out of the old dusty files and will be posting

  6. WoW! Very pretty! Just love the name!
    (Love your blog too!)

  7. Your design looks really nice. I've tatted two designs from the class so far and have downloaded a third one. I think that I'll search for yours so that I can tat it too.

  8. Your sesign looks really nice. I'll have to download it and do it next. I haven't done lesson 7 yet, so should probably get started on it .....

  9. Meandering Path suits this motif so well. Perfecto!

    Peering into my virtual crystal ball, I see many more lovely lace designs in your future.

  10. Oh wow, I love this! I can see green for the chains and flowery colors for the rings. This will definitely be part of the Christmas tree this year. Great job!

  11. Hi Jeannette, Thank you

    Hi Vanessa, I am honored

    Hi Isdihara, Tatting has become my crafting passion, I hope to be able to develope more things, I am always tweaking patterns new and old

    HI Steph, you are right it does look like vines. Thanks


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