Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Threes snowflake - Edited to add link to Iris's instructions

I decided to try the Threes snowflake in size 80 to see how it would look as an earing.

The first one is size 30 Melamine HDT from Tarnished Tatter and the second one is DMC size 80 HDT in Tuscany from LadyShuttleMaker
The quarter is for size comparison.
by itself, it is o.k. but if I wanted to add beads, I would need to strengthen the motif. either by using some sort of stiffening after it was made or by tatting over a core of wire as Iris Neibach does. click here for Iris's website, you will find the instructions for tatting over a wire core on the left side of this page.


  1. Very pretty! I always think a finished piece looks so different in size 80...not just because of size (I know, duh! LOL!) but because of the delicacy it's just so pretty in size 80.

  2. Wow, I really like these wee "threes." They look grand in HDT. And I didn't know that Iris Neibach tats over core clever of her!

    Thanks for another wonderful post!

  3. Love that Melamine HDT! I have never used Heather's threads.... Maybe it is time too try them! Lovely pattern, Fox : )

  4. Hi Chicky, you are right it does look lacy, I just don't tat in it alot, maybe I will have to do it more often, I just don't like having to retro-tat in 80, hard to see

    Thanks Isdihara, Yes, Iris does some of her jewelry with a wire core, I will edit the post to include the link to Iris's instructions

    Thanks Fox, she is one of the thread dyers that I keep an eye on for new colorways,


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