Wednesday, February 29, 2012

angel but no wings yet

I have been tatting. several of my projects are private and can't be shown, but this can.
it may look like a heart and a bell, but this time it is an angel wings and skirt.
the threads are size 20 Lizbeth, in dark olive and Carousel.  The beads are 2 sizes of seed beads, 10/0 in the wings and I think 11/0 in the skirt.  The beads in the skirt were a free gift from Fire Mountain beads and didn't have any information.  and I also used tear drop beads.  I have no idea of what color these beads are called, they are multi colored iridescent.

The skirt stands up just fine see...
but, the wings aren't going to work.  there are too many beads, I will need to use the smaller size seed beads, and less tear drops.  and I think I will have to snug up the center of the heart or add some more connecting picots to give it some more stability.
the heart pattern is Small Tatted Heart by Betsy Evans

I was lucky to have the little face bead in my stash.  it has a large hole through it from top to bottom, so will have to come up with a wig to cover that. 

here is a look at what it would look like if the wings worked

we have had 2 major snow storms in the past 4-5 days.  Saturday night through Sunday morning, we got 9" of snow with only a little bit of wind.  Tuesday night through Wednesday (today) afternoon, we got another 9". this more then doubles the entire amount of snow that we had received in the whole rest of the winter. 
I wasn't able to get out of our yard today, so didn't get to work.  Farmguy will have to get the yard blown out tomorrow morning so I can get there. At least it is the end of February, so spring will be here soon enough.

Hope you all had a great Leap Day.


  1. Wow 18" of snow. I have never seen that much snow in my whole life. Isn't that crazy!
    I love your little angel!
    So are you going to put an actual small wig on her, or fashion some sort of hairdo, like a tassel?
    Either way, she's very darling!

    1. Jess, I am thinking I can make a tassel with a top that will fit in the hole, and fall down around the head like hair. With a tatted halo to hold it in place.

  2. Great angel. Years ago I tatted angels with beads like yours for heads. They had sparkley, silver or gold halos but do not remember how I made wings. I'll have to dig through my old patterns. One is packed with our ornaments. I'm liking yours. Karen in OR

  3. If you take a look at this you'll see I used a large bead/button to cover with tatting. This may help in your project. I had trouble with wings too!!!!! Probably the answer is a 'flightless' angel?!?!?!? You could then say that he/she has been grounded for 'maintenance'!!! I'm full of 'bright ideas' but few of them are useful!!!!!

  4. When I made my angels, I left them with no hair and got some gold glittery pipe cleaner. Then I made a loop in one end and left a short bit. I put some glue in the bead hole and pushed the short end into the hole.
    WOW, you have some serious snow. I hope there won't be flooding again, like last year. We took our vacation in Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota. We had planned on returned by way of North Dakota and then up through Sask. But we were told that Estevan was under water. So we returned the way we went down. We did see lots of flooding anyway.

  5. Lots of patience there - for the 'fiddly' in the little angel and for waiting out removal of inches of the white stuff! Hope the weather 'springs' you from the house soon!
    Fox : )

  6. Stay safe out there in that snow!
    I like the angels. I imagine a bunch of them on a Christmas tree.

    1. Hope your trip was safe Green Girl, and all your repairs were finished or someone else took over supervision so you could leave.

      I had trouble getting back in the yard after work today. the wind had blown enough snow around that I couldn't tell the driveway from the fields on either side, so left the car sit at the end of the 1/4 mile driveway and walked the rest of the way to the house. farmguy had to pull the car behind his 4-wheel drive pickup into the yard after he got home from town.

  7. Pretty Angel Mom! Very creative putting that together from different patterns.


    1. Thanks HOney,
      I will post again, once I get it figured out.

  8. Super cute! I think it's amazing how you make these..I hope you found a way to make her wings work.


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