Friday, March 2, 2012

i guess I must be grouchy tonight

*rant alert*
anyone else notice that since blogger has set up reply options for embedded comments, and started their double word verification that those blogs that have their comments on a separate page have lost the option to click that you want subsequent comments sent to your email? 
I have to remember to go back and check to see what other comments have been left if I asked a question to the blog owner.

I wish they would let you know they are making these changes and set out the options you have before they make these big changes.
*rant over*


  1. agreed. The two word thing is very difficult to read too, imho.

  2. You can be grouchy all you want. It's this crazy weather's fault. It went from warm(temps in the 50s) with high winds last night to cold and snowing this morning over here in my neck of the woods. And yes, this new blogger interface is annoying!

  3. I wonder what other changes they have made over the last couple of months.
    I often check your blog from my phone when I end up taking lunch by myself or have a few minutes before work in the morning. However the last couple of months something has changed and I can no longer open your blog posts to read them. It starts to open the blog then the page goes white. It's a bummer since I don't get online often enough at home to keep up with you.

  4. I know! I had to reset my blog settings, too, and I HATE the new style of word verification. Ick.


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