Sunday, March 11, 2012

one of the things I have tatted lately

I finished this last evening but didn't get a chance to post it until tonight.
This is done in Flora size 20.
The nun I made this for said her favorite color was emerald green.  this is the closest that I could get to that.

The weather this weekend has been gorgeous for this time of hear. 60 yesterday and today not quite so warm, but still warm enough.  the snow has been melting.  not too long and field work will start again. spring is around the corner, and summer can't be far behind.

I have been test tatting several patterns for another tatter, so can't show that work.

Happy Lent


  1. Lovely! She will hink it's wonderful! I like the color.
    The weather here was pretty glorious yesterday too!

  2. You did a gorgeous job with this pattern. Good work.

  3. Green is my fav too...and this is such a mellow green. It really is beautiful!

  4. That is lovely, Ladytats. I am certain she will love it.
    Fox : )


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