Tuesday, March 6, 2012

question for tatters

A quick question.
I know many of the ways to stiffen tatting.
epsom salts

in the post below about my angel, I mentioned that  I would have to make different wings because of the weight of the beads.

I was showing my work to some friends of ours when they were over on sunday, and the gentleman suggested that I get some lacquer and use that to stiffen both the bell and the wings.
he stated that instead of dulling the beads as the above list of stiffeners would do, it would shine the tatting as well.

This would definitely stiffen the work.

has anyone tried this? 


  1. Hmm. Not something I would rush to do!
    Fox : )

  2. i have not. i only use glue watered down.

  3. I tend to try the glue or starch while wiping down the beads, but that is just me. If you are going to lacquer your project I would do a sample piece first as once this is done there is no going back. Even clear lacquer will yellow with age. I would consider the end result of what you want done with the project before undertaking any sort of stiffening.

  4. I dislike using anything to stiffen tatting since I'm not sure of the long term effects on the thread. One suggestion I would make is to use a second thread to construct the wings: adding a thin, firm thread like a button or rug thread might give the wings enough strength to hold their shape with the beads added. Since the button/rug thread comes in different colours, you might be able to match the thread you're using. Maybe worth a try.
    I've had some success using the firm button thread with a softer perle size 8, and it really helped to firm up the tat.

  5. I haven't used lacquer, and would expect it to yellow. Years ago, I used Aleene's Fabric Stiffener for crocheted hangings, and they didn't yellow at all. Worked like a charm - I would be tempted to try "painting" it on, wiping off the beads.

  6. I definitely agree with trying a sample piece first. But another thought. You inspired me to try to make a little person or angel. So, when I was at Hobby Lobby I saw wooden "men" (or wooden peg people). Maybe putting the bottom on that would hold up the skirt without relying too heavily on stiffening. That of course doesn't do anything for the wings though and you'd be missing the hole in the head for the hair. But maybe if the bottom is well supported the wings wouldn't need as much support. ?

  7. thanks everyone for your comments,
    I always know who to ask if I have a question.
    Jess, the skirt stands well enough on it's own, it is the wings that don't want to stay straight, they want to bend under the weight of the beads. and I don't know if stiffening them will help. I don't want to dull the beads.

  8. If you do end up trying lacquer I would be most interested in your results!

    1. Sherry,
      If i do, it will be on a different item, and I will post about it. But I don't know how to speed up time, so won't know if it will yellow over time. hmmm my brother is a computational chemist. he used to work for kodak and one of the things he worked on was how colors would stand up over time when used in film. I wonder if he would be able accelerate to see if it would yellow.


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