Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 12

I have finished Jane's TIAS This was a lot of fun as always.

thanks Jane.

did some other tatting last night too, but after 45 minutes, 5 rings and 4 chains discovered that I have goofed. So spent another hour unpicking 4 rings and 3 chains back to the goof. so didn't accomplish much.  I really need to get it done, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift.  the gal knows I am working on it, and that it isn't finished. but really, february???????   at this rate it might not be done until Easter, and I have one more to do as well.  I really need to get on the stick, stop doing other stuff and finish.
Anyone got any extra stick-to-it they can give me?


  1. Ah, Tat-land travails! You can do it!'Fox : )

    1. Thanks Fox. I know you will come through for me. your Stick-to-it is legendary


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