Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 11

got this done last night about 9:00 pm. 
it was just too dark last night, I think I need to change all the florescent bulbs in the house, They are supposed to be so great, but the light isn't as good as incandescent. so I needed to wait for daylight to take the picture.
am on pins and needles for tomorrow's final step.

if you haven't given any thought to the Tat-along hosted by Umi & Tsuru, I suggest that you at least take a look

I hadn't planned on participating as I have several projects piled up that need to be completed, but may have to give this a try as well because the pattern she is using is by Ruth Scharf, and we know Ruth's patterns are very pretty.

Ruth has given her permission to post the pattern for those of us who don't have her books. Thanks Ruth  here 

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