Saturday, February 4, 2012


we have had 3+ days of fog, sometimes so thick you can barely see 100 ft in front of your car.  sometimes freezing to the road and sidewalks.  today it lifted somewhat and you can see some of the gorgeous hoarfrost creations that God left for our enjoyment.

tomorrow is supposed to be breezy, so it will all be gone. 

you can also see the dearth of snow here.  we are not used to a winter that seldom gets below 20 degrees, and we have only had 2 days of below zero.  normally we have had weeks of below zero weather. and last year we had more then 6' of snow, this year we have only had 12".


  1. Astoundingly beautiful...

    What a wacky winter this has been...

  2. beautiful pics. Like a magical ice garden.

  3. nice. Down here in Memphis its has been about 60 degrees everyday. Very bizzare! BUT since I genuinely dislike being cold, I am not complaining!

  4. So so pretty, a winter wonderland, but pleased we in the South of England are not having snow.
    Lovely to look at but hate having to drive in it.

  5. Ah, it was like that here yesterday too. I am always in awe of the beauty of the frost on the pine trees when it's like this. Absolutely beautiful :)


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