Saturday, February 18, 2012

2011 Christmas present finished

Well, I have finally finished my next to last Christmas present for last year.
this one took me much longer, I had started to lose interest in doing bells, and sandwiched a few other items in between, but you haven't seen them.  as they are not for public at this time.

but despite the lateness, and despite that fact I didn't do a very good job of shaping, (I am not stiffening this, it should hole it's shape by itself.) here is my last bell

the threads are Lizbeth size 20 in Watermelon, and Mauela size 20 in gold.  the beads are delicas in red lined and gold and the tear drops in amber.  There is a lock chain with a tiny bell for a striker in the center that you can't see.  The pattern is from Tatsy but I changed the starting point and the number of stitches in the lower chains. 

the last item left to tat is similar, but will not end up as a bell. I will post that when I get it finished as well.  This will be on it's way monday in the mail. 

I am waiting for the threads that I ordered so I can start Umi & Tsuru's tat along.  since I had to finish this & a couple others first, I splurged on some really pretty threads from LadyShuttleMaker when she celebrated her Etsy anniversary with a sale.

tomorrow I will either wind a skein of Wisteria Lane HDT from Krystle onto a spool and get back to my hanky edging, or get started on my last Christmas present. Along with canning about 6 qrts of turkey and chicken. 

Have a good rest of the weekend with lots of time for tatting.


  1. Congrats! Getting caught up must be very gratifying!
    Fox : ))

    1. thanks Fox, you are right it is gratifying.

  2. I love Sherry's silk threads and treat myself to them occasionally. Krystledawn's colors are lovely too. I'm so happy
    that she's dying again.


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