Sunday, July 10, 2011


I thought that I would show some of what I have been doing instead of tatting.

I have been tatting, The hanky edging has progressed, to more then 1 quarter done,  seems slow, but too many interruptions.  I have also signed up to do some test tatting, so can't show that either.
but, here is my "time waster"
Here you see the cabbage, and what should be Snow Peas, most of them didn't come up. 
6 All Season cabbage

The carrot patch and weedy peas and volunteer radishes.  The dead grass in the back is from the winter onion patch, it was so full of quackgrass, that farmguy used some wipe-on roundup to kill off the grass so the onions wouldn't die.

here you can see what is left of the radishes,  they were yummy and the lettuce and green beans.  we have been eating the lettuce and sharing it with neighbors.

a view of the Kohlrabi and sweet corn,  we had to plant the sweet corn twice, and I think a lot of that is still volunteer field corn from last year.  you can see a lot of the corn stalk debris in the picture.  my garden is in a corner of a field near the house. 

8 White Vienna kohlrabi

picked and ate this one yesterday, couldn't wait any longer
a view of the sweet corn.  some of this farmguy and I are sure is volunteer field corn,  but he will eat it picked early enough. behind it is our soybean field.

5 tomatoes ~ 1 Celebrity, 1 Bush Beefsteak, 1 Early Goliath, 1 Black Krim, 1 Lemon Boy ~ The red tomatoes are for farmguy and canning to use for him during the winter as I am allergic to red tomatoes, but I can eat yellow in moderation.  don't know why, but I get hives in my mouth if I eat fresh red tomatoes.  The yellow don't seem to affect me as badly, so am going to try this and see if I can actually have a BLT.  I haven't had one of those for about 30 years when I gave up trying to eat red tomatoes. 

and 2 rows of shell beans,  1 Jacob's cattle & 1 Pawnee Shell. above the tomatoes in the picture

there will be a slicer to pick maybe yet tonight.

Watermelon and Squash
2 Black Diamond watermelon
3 Sun Sugar Watermelon

3 Honey Bear squash
3 Carnival squash

and a couple non vegetable pictures,  this lily is a deep magenta, much deeper then the picture shows. but soooo pretty

I started out with both double and single hollyhocks, in all colors,  they have now crossed and reseeded to the point all I have left are pink singles,  but they are pretty anyway.


  1. Yum! I love fresh vegetables from the garden - yours look wonderful. It does take up a lot of time though :) I don't have nearly as much as you do & I feel overwhelmed!


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